Help The Homeless Stay Warm & Feed The Cats

Help The Homeless Stay Warm & Feed The Cats

From Monique Sexton

I'm raising money to buy all the homeless people in Colorado Springs snow pants, winter coats, gloves, wool socks, snow boots, hats a water bottle and a backpacks. Also I feed 22 wild cats & need help paying for the food

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Please Help Me Feed The Cats First I'd like to start by saying thank you for taking the time to read my message is very important to me and if you decide to donate it will be greatly appreciated and if you can't I understand that too because times are tough and they're definitely getting tougher

 For the past couple years my mom has been feeding the Stray Cats around her neighborhood because she is disabled and lives on disability and cannot really afford to feed them I started ordering their cat food from and to keep them fed 

I get about six of the 35 to 44 lb bags of food per month along with 32 cans of the wet food to mix in there food  for them because I couldn't imagine being a cat and eating only dry food all the time.

Though we catch them and have them fixed and then release them they have still  multiplied. From other people just dropping them off in the alley and whatnot and there are now over 22 of them cats and kittens plus the two kittens I had my mom take in.

 I found them hiding under a 4 wheeler at a property I was working on they were abandoned their by their owners and one of them had the bottom of their tail bitten off probably from a dog or something they you are scared and really sick when I brought them to my mom but they're now doing very well and they're happy in their new home.

I made shelters for them and cat houses for the winter time  but still need to make more because they're so dominant over their territory they won't let certain ones in so I've been working on that and now we just got all of this snow.

 Its  hard for me to see them hungry without food and even harder on my mother I would starve myself before I would let them go without it. 

Its is costing me around $300 a month to keep them fed and because of us going into winter now work has slowed down and money is getting tight and I'm barely getting by and I'm really struggling to pay mine and my mom's bills I am asking for help to keep the cat's fed because it breaks our hearts to see them hungry

Anything that you could do would be greatly appreciated I'm trying to post a video of them so you can see how cute they are and love them like we do but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to post it on here hopefully I'll get it downloaded soon.

Help Me Keep The Homeless Warm This Winter Another thing is that about a year ago I started visiting with the homeless people and when I can I go to the Dollar Store and get about 16 to $20 worth of food and I go home and make them all lunches and my daughters and I pass them out to the homeless people.

 Recently I started bringing  them winter clothes and bringing and anything that I have around my house that is not being used that can benefit them and one night after coming home I started thinking  that if they all had a snow outfit like mine they wouldn't be so cold.

So my goal here is to raise enough money to hit all the Arc's and Goodwill's and buy up all of the snow suits, snow pants, winter coats, boots, wool socks, Long John's, sweatshirts, hats and gloves that I can possibly get and give them to them. 

I visit them around dinner time underneath the bridge off on I25 & Uintah and when they're not there they're  easy to find by just driving around for min and I would feel really better in knowing that I did my part in trying to keep them warm.

 It has been so cold lately in with all of the snow I can't stop thinking about them.

 Anything that you could donate to help them out would be great and if you would want to send your old warm clothes or drop them by my house that would be appreciated too my address is 927 North 18th Street in Colorado Springs Colorado 80904 and you are welcome to stop by anytime somebody's always here either me or my husband.

  I felt so bad for them yesterday when we got all the snow I went down there three times to bring them things and something warm to eat.

 I'm going to ask them if I can take a video of them if they don't mind so I could post that on here too so that you guys can see what I see and hopefully find it in your hearts to help them out because we all should help each other out in our times of need.

 I truly know that if you do help out you will definitely be blessed because I am blessed everyday and I know it is from my acts of kindness and giving two others.

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