Help the Clouse Family Get A Home

Help the Clouse Family Get A Home

From Pam Clouse

Our home of 12+ years is a rental, the property has been sold and we have been evicted with only 3 weeks left to move. Donations will be used for moving costs and down payment for a home.

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As with any story there are many factors, many layers, many molehills that added up to become one big mountain. This story is not that different. My husband and I have struggled much of our lives to make ends meet and get a "leg up" but we just keep getting knocked down.

Most recently my husband was working for a company, where he thought he would be staying for a long, long time and even retiring from this career he was so excited for.

He is a rather large man, 6'1', 230lbs or so and was made to sit in a very small van, so small he had to sit with one leg over the center column area to be able to fit, he made the company aware and only got a larger vehicle AFTER he experienced an injury where he was out of work and had to take some months off to recover. This large company did NOT take care of him during this time but made things very difficult and my husband still wanted to go back to this job he liked so much.

So, after some time in this new vehicle he gets a new manager who makes work life horrible for him and some of the other workers, but mostly him.

Even still, he was a model worker. One day he was delivering tires and injured his shoulder. That was over a year ago.

This company has made it superbly difficult for him as far as workers comp, etc and it took over 6 months to see even one disability payment because they are still denying him workers comp. He just wants to get better and go back to work.

In the meantime, he is minding his business driving down the street one afternoon and a man in a Yukon hits my husband so hard his tire blew out and he went out of control, the man did not stop and neither did any of the witnesses, even though it was this other mans fault.

My husband now has a back injury from this careless person and is in a ton of pain all the time. He was unable to walk/sit/stand for awhile but is getting back to being able to do those things slowly. He is walking with crutches and still has to spend much of his time laying down.Because the driver of the other car was not found yet, we had to shell out the money ourselves to fix the car, which is now having transmission problems. This has been ongoing for about three months now.

If all of that wasn't enough, we are being evicted from our home of over 12 years because the property is sold and escrow says they won't close while we are still here and the owners want their money NOW.

  We had already planned on moving and so we were trying to save money, but something just keeps coming up before we have enough.

Covid has affected everyone, we seem to have fallen through the cracks, we can't get unemployment, we are being evicted even though we have continued to pay rent regardless of our income situation - selling our things in order to make rent, the cops can't or won't find the hit-and-run driver....

So, our goal in raising money here is to be able to move into our own home and have a safe place for our kids to live, since we still don't know when my husband will be able to return to the work-force, if at all.

 I have been a STAHM for 12 years, now I have to figure out what I can do in order to bring in some money too and it is a bit daunting in today's world.  Added to that I also have back and hip problems and recently found out that I have two slipped discs and a pinched nerve, some bone spurs, misshaped hip socket and some other issues along those lines making everyday activities such as playing with my kids difficult. I cannot afford to get treatment. We are on Medi-Cal, but they will not cover chiropractic care and only want to prescribe anti-inflammatory medication to me rather than actually help fix the problem.

All donations received would be put toward moving costs, down payment on a home and medical expenses.

Thank you all in advance. You are appreciated.

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