Help Svetlana & Her Family Escape The War In Ukraine

Help Svetlana & Her Family Escape The War In Ukraine

From MichelleKandace De Silva

I’m raising money for my dear friend Svetlana and her family to relocate from the war in Ukraine to Rome Italy! Donations will go towards the transportation of the family and basic necessities urgently needed.

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Living in the 21st century I would never have thought that a war that would deliberately kill innocents would ever become a reality. As we sit in front of our TVs with broken hearts witnessing the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, fearing for the well-being of our families and friends that are caught in the middle of a needless fight for power, it is impossible to truly feel the plight, dread, and dejection of the people doing their best trying to escape. One of them is a dear friend of mine, Svetlana, and her family of 8 which also includes her 15-year-old son, her daughter, and her 5-month-old grandbaby Daryna.

Svetlana and her family have been stranded in Ukraine trying to escape ever since the war started. 

Before the war, Svetlana used to work as a part-time housekeeper. The money she would earn was just enough to get her big family through, and she was never able to save any money. With the war in action and no sight of what the future holds, Svetlana is understandably worried about the well-being of her family, especially her grandchildren. I have been in touch with her and together we have decided for them to move to Italy to start a new life. However, uprooting yourself from everything you’ve ever known and moving to a new country under such pressing circumstances with such a big family to support and not even a penny in your pocket is a mammoth challenge. Svetlana’s family is not the only one in this desperate, heart-wrenching situation. While we may not have the power to stop the war, I am here to ask for your help, a few seconds of your time, to join hands together in this distressing time of humanitarian crisis and help Svetlana, her family, and like many families as possible in their resettlement.

All the donations you make to this cause will go towards helping Svetlana, and her family escape Ukraine and come to Italy and any other displaced families that we can help. This would mean getting from their shelter near Mariupol to board the buses that are transporting Ukrainians to the borders. As the family tries to find and build the feeling of home that was inhumanly taken away from them, your donations will support the basic living expenses and needs of the family such as food, clothing, and shelter. In Italy, we a community of mothers are also working on sending more and more cars to the borders to pick up more such families and kids escaping Ukraine so a part of the donations will also be used for gas and to support the people coming in through this initiative.

I am grateful and proud of how the world has come together in helping people in Ukraine and that is what gives Svetlana, her family, and many others families like them the hope that there is still good left in the world. Let us help them with a safe escape and rehabilitation as we continue to pray for this calamity to come to an end forever.


Thank you!


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