Help support and feed the Shanenawa Village of the Amazon

Help support and feed the Shanenawa Village of the Amazon

From Strongdeer Honovi

The Shanenawa Indigenous people of the Amazon have been going through deep challenges such as a lack of food due to covid and the international lockdown.

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Hi Dear Hearts, below is a message from the Shanenawa People of the Brazilian Amazon. Please consider supporting this Crowdfunding campaign to help our Brothers & Sisters of the Amazon who have been hit hard by Food Shortages and the International Covid Lockdown. Anyone donating at least $100 USD will receive a FREE Soul Blueprint Reading with me and my Guides ARIA or a Wealth Generating Through Cryptocurrency with my beloved Roberto. Thank you.

The Morada Nova village, the largest population of the Shanenawa people, resides in the Katukina / Kaxinawa indigenous land of the Brazilian Amazon. Today composed of 11 villages in its territory, culturally impacted by its proximity to the urban area of Feijó and with the construction of BR 364, with much sacrifice to the people. 1500 people make up the 11 villages and 90% have gotten ill with covid. The Shanenawa have been experiencing deep challenges with the lack of food to survive during this world pandemic, the village used to make the most of its livelihood through Crafts and Medicine etc. Today it's not possible due to the International Lockdown and social isolation.

Therefore, the village needs to buy various foods and travel to the city (Feijó), such as meat and grains as it is unable to work in groups at this time and guarantee the livelihood of their families with hunting, the food base of the indigenous people.

The planet is going through a deep sadness for Covid-19, we on earth know that nature takes care of us together with Epa Iri (God), even though we don't receive any help from our rulers.

It is sad what we are going through here in the village txai, we have our customs and traditions and our Sacred Medicines, living in nature can be very difficult but we want our lives preserved. We are exposed to the risk of the virus with the entry and exit of relatives from the village increasing the chance of contamination.

Txai, through this message we are asking for support to bring food to our relatives and stay in the village and not need to leave, we from the Morada Nova village. We humbly wish all our brothers and sisters around the world can come and support our struggle, peace, love, joy and a lot of gratitude.

We need to continue our collective work within the village with complete security isolated in the forest with much prayer and preparation for agriculture and sacred medicines for the people of the village. Pedro Fina Shanenawa (President of Culture)

Our History is with the oldest Pajés who have all the knowledge, they are at total risk from this virus (risk group according to WHO).

We at Ayshawa Turismo who work with indigenous experiences in the state of Acre, are experiencing financial difficulties like the entire world tourism sector.

With no resources to continue strengthening in the villages, we saw the need to ask our brothers and partners to participate together in this effective and sincere good action with our indigenous relatives in the village Morada nova of the Shanenawa people.

Much gratitude and may divine beings protect everyone, Shava Shava!

BudgetTo resolve an urgent emergency situation and buy time for new actions against Covid-19, this resource will have to keep the village isolated for 1 Month.

We aim to buy 2000 BASIC BASKETS.

As the Morada Nova village with the largest population, Shanenawa certainly needs more basic food baskets to supply the emergency need.

So this value is the minimum to survive in bad times of social isolation, we need to stay in the village, but without food not from txai.

So we can contribute by helping financially or by sharing and calling good people to participate in some form our collective vakinha. Shava Shava

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