Help Students to Finish Their Debts

Help Students to Finish Their Debts

From Umutcan YAVUZ

Me and my brothers are in a debt because of my father's death on 8 December 2020. We didn't know about his debt now we need to pay it and now the banks are trying to take everything we own. We need to find a way to pay.

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I know there is not much info in this campaign because that situation is so embarrassing. I can't even want to reach someone to say I need help but this situation makes me do things that I can't do in my normal life. That embarrasses me so much. I even used the wrong information about my state while signing up because Fundly is not supported in my country. I live in Turkey and our debt is about 50k Turkish Liras and the minimum wage is in Turkey is 3k Tl. And you can see the inflation rates in Turkey in this link:

I have 2 brothers that are studying to get their university and they are aiming at the best universities in Turkey. I'm a university student too. But that problem is occupying our futures because the banks are going to take everything we own so it's the same thing as killing someone if you ask me. Taking everything from a person who was tried at best to get in his whole life. I can't even work anywhere because they need to make insurance and I have lots of debt for them so they are not willing to pay that much debt for a person.

I'll send the other informations about the situation if you reach this mail.

I hope this campaign will not be deleted because of the wrong information that I used to sign up but I had no chance(The only wrong information is the place that I live). I needed to find a way to get my life together.

Great days for everyone who looked up to this campaign and who doesn't.

Also, I'm willing to pay back in the future who donated this campaign. One day everything will turn back to normal then I'll pay you the donors, back to you as my appreciation and I'm willing to take care of students who are having a hard time.

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