Save stray & tortured animals ; Expand shelter

Save stray & tortured animals ; Expand shelter

From Alexandra Best Friends Together (BFT)

Animals are angels sent by God to earth, to humans! The Best Friends Together BFT Association is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded to rescue stray, injured, abandoned, abused and tortured animals.

Alexandra Best Friends Together (BFT)

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We are a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded to rescue stray, injured, abandoned, abused and tortured animals.

We started nearly 1 year ago and we managed to save over 100 animals, dogs and cats, dogs in public shelters, dogs rescued from the street, dogs abandoned in the field, in the woods, abused and tortured dogs that we could not pass carelessly.

The lack of education and indifference of the Romanian authorities made a country of non-involvement towards animals and the environment. Faced with the cruel reality directly in the street of thousands of abandoned and wounded animals, we began to create a shelter to save abandoned, injured and abused animals in order to integrate into families and encourage adoption.

Since rescuing a few animals and due to the non-involvement of the authorities, we managed to build a small shelter on a plot of 2000 meters, a place with good conditions, created with love and out of love for these animals of no one.

Our involvement grew so much that we had animal lovers and eager to give a helping hand. We received lots of notifications and reached us from puppies whose firecrackers were put in their mouths, to those hit by cars, tortured by rebellious teenagers and animals rescued from the hands of careless owners.

We want to expand the shelter for animals, ensure decent conditions and food.In addition to basic needs, the animals are constantly walked and cared for.

Many of the rescued puppies are hit by the car and as many are left without hind paws, so strollers are needed for them.

Adoptions make us happy. And especially on animals. But not all are equally lucky. Dozens of animals remain in our care until they die.

We want to expand the shelter, funds for food and medical care.

With our constant involvement and your support we will manage to expand the shelter and make from it a place where puppies who will never find a home of their own will be able to live in conditions as close as possible to what a house means and will be able to benefit daily from the love and attention of humans.

To support our activity you can permanently adopt, participate in food collection or you can help us with donations.

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