Help stop Eli being separated from his mom.

Help stop Eli being separated from his mom.

From Sean Spring

Hello, my name is Courtney and although it hurts my pride to do so, I need to ask for your help. I have been put into a position where I may lose my son and I would do anything to keep that from happening.

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This last year has been very hard on me; medically, financially and just in general. But through it all my son was my ray of hope, the reason I keep going. He is a smart, kind, wonderful child named Eli. I may have been only able to see him once a week but I made those visits happy, loving, fun and educational. I would spend days coming up with lesson plans, activities and games for him. We were happy and I was working towards improving my situation so I could get him back on a more even basis.

But now my ex-husband wants to take all that away from both of us. He is trying to have me barred from ever seeing my son again because he no longer wants to deal with the situation. It has become an inconvenience to facilitate our visits, so he is trying to cut me out of Eli’s life completely. This is not only devastating to me, but is horrible thing to do to our child who will not understand why his mommy is just gone from his life. I need help stopping this from happening. I had a lawyer but my ex has had the case moved across state lines (I live in MA he lives in NY) so that my lawyer can’t represent me. Legal aide in MA will not help because the case is in NY and NY legal aide won’t help because I am not a resident. I am stuck and am running out of options.

I am asking for $5000 for my legal costs in fighting this. This money will go to covering lawyer and court fees and transportation costs. If we happen to raise more, the extra will go towards improving my living situation so I can be in a position to get my son back permanently.

Anything you can donate would help. Eli means everything to me and I would move mountains to keep him in my life. It’s not right that a child be taken away from their loving mother just because it is an inconvenience to the father.  If you can’t donate money, please share my story so others can see it that might be able to help. Also, if anyone reading this is a lawyer in NY or knows one who could help please let me know.Thank you, from both myself and Eli, for reading this and for any help you might be able to provide.

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