Help Stephen With Recovery

Help Stephen With Recovery

From Stephen Simmons

Covid has left me with side effects making life painful, stressful, and fearful. With the beginning of college, these side effects have been getting worse, causing constant pain. Donations will help alleviate some stre.

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Hello everyone!

My name is Stephen Simmons. I have spent my entire life working hard in all venues of my life. I have swam competitively for 12 years, been an avid weightlifter, and am very academically prone. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have always done my part to fight the spread of Covid-19. I did this by avoiding large gatherings, masking up, hand washing, and maintaining social distance, while still trying to continue school, athletics, and work. However, despite my efforts in March of 2021, my life underwent a new and challenging change. I tested positive for and was diagnosed with Covid-19.


Immediately after receiving my positive result, I went straight to my room, avoiding my family to keep them safe. In the same manner of trying to keep my family safe, I began living in complete solitude in my room—the entire time suffering from fever, chills, extreme weakness, and nausea. After roughly 21 days, I began to recover and feel incrementally better. My taste and smell returned as well as some of my strength. However, I began to notice a weird chest and heart pain that I had never experienced. This pain mainly came from my heart, causing a bizarre and scary array of deep pain, aches, palpitations, and extreme high and low heart rates.


Flash forward to today. It has now been roughly six months, the heart pain and issues are still persistent and are getting progressively worse with the start of the college year. Recently I have been admitted to the ER and hospital for various tests, including EKGs (a measurement of electrical impulses from the heart), chest x-ray (focusing on the heart and lung), echocardiogram (heart ultrasound), and pulmonary function test. I am still awaiting results on the echo and PFT presently, so there are hopes that the doctors will find something. In the meantime, my primary care doctor has also referred me to a local covid long haulers program. This program focuses entirely on individuals suffering from the post covid effects and to gain a deeper understanding of covid. I even received both of my Pfizer vaccinations in hopes it could potentially help lessen the side effects. It did not, but it was worth a shot.


After reading this far, I am sure you're wondering why I decided to start a Fundly and, most importantly, why you should donate. I have explained how I now have directly related covid side effects and what efforts I have already put into healing. What I have left out until now is the impact mentally. The constant and increasing daily pain for these past six months, coupled with managing life in college, has been eating away at my mental health. Waking up every morning with heart pain is exhausting. The pull to give up, quit, and keep sleeping is so strong. As I try my best to continue pushing forward, my mind is clouded with dark, hopeless thoughts about the future. I often worry about the future and how I may wake up and continue living with this pain for the rest of my life. However, in recent discussions with family, I have realized that I need to let go of that far-out future and figure out what I can do now.

And for that same reason of focusing on what I can do now, I ask you to donate. Your donations will help alleviate the stress of money as I work with doctors while also on my education. 

Thank you for your time, considerations, and potential donations. 

TLDR: Covid has left me with side effects making life painful, stressful, and fearful. With the beginning of college, these side effects have been getting worse recently, causing perpetual pain. Donations will help alleviate the stress of money as I continue working with doctors.


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