help starting new life after domestic violence

help starting new life after domestic violence

From Tata Boyko

I am rising money to get through the divorce and for living after domestic violence

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Yesterday our happy marriage was ended by physical abuse. We have been married since 2003, in 2009 our son was born, who is now 13 years old. We moved to California, USA in April 2018.

Everything went perfectly, and our dream to come to America and let our son live and study in a country that allows you to be what you want was almost fulfilled.

In 2019, we bought a house(mortgage) in Lake Forest, a very beautiful, cozy little town. My husband did not believe until the last that I could complete this deal, he said, we are nobody here, we just arrived, we have nothing. But miracles happen if you really want to).

We moved to Lake Forest. My son began to go to an excellent school, and I studied English, and found a contract job. It seems that all dreams have come true, enjoy... But no, yesterday there was an incident...

I must say that my husband has 1 degree of diabetes (he injects insulin), and he had a cyst in his head when he got it for the first time in the hospital with high blood sugar. Because of this, he began to have headaches, especially when the weather changed, a high temperature. More and more, he began to suffer from constant pain (he did not want an operation), naturally, constant headaches affects his emotional state ... He became more quick-tempered, and unrestrained.

Yesterday he accused me, then I want a divorce, but in fact, it was vice versa. He kicked me and the neighbors called the police to save me and my son. He was insane also because he had low sugar. He was taken to the police.

Today (7.24.22) I found a divorce lawyer, and everything will be fine if he stops being offended by me for the police (today he was released from jail) and we will decide everything peacefully.

If he disagrees, we have to hire lawyers, and this is $ 7,000 to start. I don't have that kind of money. My salary is $18 per hour, I get $2880 per month. And it's all.

Right now, I'm trying to find rent of around $2300 for me, my son, and my dog. But as you understand, this balance is barely enough for food, utilities, and other expenses. Yes, I will get child support, and then it will become easier, but this will happen only after 3 months in a good case, and it is not known when resolving the issue with lawyers. Also, if there is a trial with lawyers, I need to immediately pay 7000 dollars to my lawyer, I don’t know where to get it.

From today I started sending out resumes and looking for a job, but when I find it is also unknown, but we need to live now and, on my money, since my husband deleted me from his account.

Therefore, I ask you, as much as you can, to support me in this difficult time for us.

Thank you so much and bless you!

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