Help Special Needs Students Pay For Tuition

Help Special Needs Students Pay For Tuition

From Joanne Burke-Sherman

We are raising funds to help reduce the cost of tuition to make this amazing special needs program accessible to all income levels. Please consider supporting us, sharing and watching our vocational program take off!!

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My Story

I am a mom who currently has a son with learning challenges who has grown into an amazing young man.  I am also a mom who endured many years of watching my son suffer with anxiety and stress in school because no program was ever the right fit.  We were always trying to fit a square peg into a round hole; and this brings with it a lot of frustration, anger and unnecessary stress.

I am sure every parent may have a slightly different story, but why does it seem that these kids are forced in to roles they do not want?  I truly believe it does not have to be this way.  My son always wanted to learn construction, landscaping, and more.  He is a hands on kid.  These are the skills that bring him joy!!.  But the traditional trade schools were not suitable for his needs.  

More and more, we should allow students to define their own path, rather than just do what traditional schools feel they should do.

Currently, most schools have not caught on to this idea, but here at Dharma Dreams Vocational Center (, we work with special needs adults (age 18-26) who are still motivated to find their true calling and want to learn the skills we offer.  We have to trust that if the student is interested, and that they want to learn something, they will!

Why We Need Your Help

This program is truly the next great step for special needs; but in order to keep the low student to teacher ratios, the costs can be high.  There are so many people out there that want to attend this program but they cannot afford it.  So, we are relying on people like you to help them.  Please help these students reduce the cost of tuition so that they can gain the skills they need and want.

I know that I, along with all the students, parents and staff, are truly humbled and appreciative of your support!  No donation is too small!  Your contribution matters!  Sharing this campaign matters!  This community matters!  Thank you for your help!!

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