Help Send me to iD Tech summer camp at UC Berkeley

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Help Send me to iD Tech summer camp at UC Berkeley

From Ezikel Luna

I'm raising money to attend iD Tech summer camp at UC Berkeley. At camp I will assemble my own laptop from a raspberry Pi and other circuit boards. I will learn how to use Python and create apps using pi-topPULSE.

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My mom has always taught me that we are defined by how we treat each other and how we treat the planet. She also taught me that technology and innovation are at the forefront of solving societies most pressing problems. Not a day goes by that I don't think of inventions to make life a little easier for those less fortunate, or ways we can produce less waste, or items we can recycle. I'm quiet, shy, and socially awkward. I hate reading, writing, anything art related, and my penmanship is questionable, but I excel at math and science. I'm in the Gifted and Talented Program at my school so my classmates are a lot like me. When I'm not helping with my little sister or doing chores I love to play video games, create projects and documents online, ask my mom a million questions, tell my mom a million random facts, watch politics, and find useful items to add to our family survival kit in the garage. I've never been to summer camp because we can't afford it so I've taken initiative to start fundraising for my trip. I lived in Berkeley for three years while my mom attended college and would love the opportunity to return to the campus, but this time as the student, and doing something I love. I love tinkering with stuff, successfully fixing things my mom deemed as broken, or creating fun/useful stuff using household items. My mom can get inpatient with me because my mind won't settle down. I just always have something to share, or something to mess with. I want to make my mom proud and bring home something I created, with a diploma to add to hers, and answer the big question... What do I want to study in college, is technology and innovation REALLY my thing, or just a phase?

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