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We got a kitten a couple years ago, and she then was impregnated by my neighbors cat.

And then she was impregnated again. And again. Again. And again.

All by the same neighbors cat.

We cant afford to get her fixed, or to surrender the cats, so weve just been trying to keep them inside and feeding them and keeping them healthy.

Right before Christmas, the neighbor who owns the cat who keeps getting our cat pregnant called animal control on us.

Right before Christmas, my mom had to spend 200$ to get three of our cats and our dog licensed.

Today, she called animal control again.

And when animal control told her that since we only claimed three so the rest are technically strays and they cant do anything other than give us a warning to keep them inside, she called our landlord.

Since the only animal we had on our lease was a dog, thats all we get to keep. We have to bring the rest of them to the pound, which is the only free way to get rid of pets, where theyll be put down.

I'm making this gofundme to help save our cats.

We want to license two more, get five cats on the lease, and bring the rest to the humane society with the remaining money, since they are a no kill shelter and will find them good homes.

Please please please help and donate or share.

We only have a couple of days until either they all have to be gone, or we get enough in deposits for our landlord to keep a couple.

Please help.

Anything will help.

If you would like to adopt a cat its FREE to take them

We have black ones and black and white ones, different females and males

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