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This is our Rescue Pit Rudy. 

My boyfriend and I are his second rescue home. He was found in an abandoned flooded basement, starving, beaten and left to die. When my boyfriend took him in he had horrible scratches and cuts on his face and you could tell he had been hit in the head. One of the cuts was on his right eye. (You can tell how swollen and closed it is compared to his other in his picture) When the cut healed it caused his eyelash’s to go into his eye instead of out. (If you have ever had an eyelash in your eye, you know how uncomfortable it can be) Imagine all of your eyelashes in your eye at once and you can’t get them out. Because of this this his cornea has started to rub off which can cause him to go blind in that eye and possibly even lose it. Anything helps! 

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