Help Save Nanook

Help Save Nanook

From The Clifford Family

Nanook was scheduled to be euthanized, but he was just offered a second chance at a wonderful life – but we need your help! Please read Nanook’s story below.

The Clifford Family

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Nanook has issues beyond our ability to help. We adopted him at 3 months old falling in love with his abundant energy and all his cute husky quirks! As he grew we noticed issues such as resource guarding and he he began asserting dominance over a family member. We sought help with a behaviourist and implemented a set of guidelines and training methods but the unpredictable behaviour persisted and escalated. It became clear we were not the right home for him yet all rescues were full and/or unable to deal with his issues, and our only option was euthanization.

Nanook had an appointment to be euthanized today, but a woman from the Humane Society put us in touch with Happy Tails Muskoka, a cage free pet resort in its 25th year of business who has had much success with their 100 day detox and 100 day rehome package. Their humane society has done the same thing for one of their husky dogs who has blossomed in their detox and now in their rehoming program. Several people are offering to help us to get a fund going so we could put off today's appointment to euthanize him.

One of the requirements of Nanook going into this program was he needed to be neutered, so today the veterinarian made room for him and he has undergone surgery. He had a retained testicle in his body cavity that needed more involved surgery. We covered this expense as we were going to pay for his euthanization and this cost what we could afford, but it is all we can do. Tonight is our last night with Nanook but it is for a better outcome than what would have happened if so many people hadn't given us guidance and help. Tomorrow he rides with Happy Tails city shuttle service to Muskoka and Happy Tails will help him in his recovery from today's surgery.

His packages were paid by credit card by a friend and the cost is roughly $8000, and we are hoping for a little extra to cover the costs of raising this money. Please help Nanook, our friend and us reach our goal.

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