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Hi my name is Brain and we have a cat named Cat Penny who needs to be hospitalized. She is trying to eat but dropping her food. She has stopped drinking water. The 4th vet we have been to since March 31 will admit her, and this is the cost for 4 days of hospitalization. She needs to be hydrated and tube fed. Also needs scans and blood work again. This will not cover the cost of the neurologist she has an appointment for on Tuesday. We are trying to keep her hydrated at home with a sub q kit they sent us home with last night when we were unable to get a high enough credit line to cover the cost of hospitalization. Our YouTube channel is called Cat Penny and we are out of Austin, Texas. She is not the popular "Penny the talking cat" so please know that before you give. Our hearts are breaking. If you can help please do. Thank you everyone.

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