Help Ruthie get to Creating Change

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Help Ruthie get to Creating Change

From Ruth Irvin

I'd like to attend the Creating Change conference in Detroit at the end of January 2019. Creating Change is a five-day training program including over 350 workshops and training sessions.

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Minimum funding requirements have been met thanks to this page, cash-in-hand, and an extra generous check for $500. Please only donate if you'd like to buy me a drink, non-conference food, or if you'd like to see a few of your dollars make it into the tithe basket at Resurrection MCC + the 2020 conference donation fund. 

As a genderqueer person with non-conformist gender pronouns, I've run into erasure issues even within the LGBTQ+ community. As my self-awareness expands, as well as my ability to articulately discuss marginalization, I'm able to witness and benefit from the growing understanding in other people. I'm learning first-hand that full-inclusion serves everyone, and I want to dedicate my personal and professional life to a mission of full-inclusion and accessibility for all. 

Creating Change is The National Conference for LGBT Equality. Over 3500 orangizers and activists congregate at this conference every year to network and teach each other how to get out there and do the work. Some key themes of focus at this event include: justice for Black and brown people, accessibility, consent, inclusion, queerness, and more. I believe that attending this conference will help clarify what I need to do next, and how to go about it. 

I felt a call on my life to enter ministry in some way in 2012, and have slowly been working toward this professional destination ever since. I knew there was a large list of things that had to get crossed off the to-do list to prepare, and with the help of my partner Zach, we've accomplished and are still accomplishing many. Right now, we grind, and coupon, and cloth diaper, and carefully choose what we do to sustain our lives--we are grateful for the bounty. We have lights. We have internet and aging but working cell phones. We eat every day. We're down a car right now because of a recent car-jacking experience, but we still have one fully functional car that delivers Zach to work reliably. We have a life of love and learning and all those blessings are a luxury. Things are tight, we get stressed, but a lot of that gets tangled up in the privileges we enjoy, which are many. 

I need what this conference has to offer. The exposure, the information, the interactions. I believe that I could get what I need here in Houston, over time, and still go on to be the person God put me here to be, but I'd love an opportunity to come home and spread the good news from this conference as soon as possible. 

I can't fund this trip out of my own pocket. I just don't have that kind of disposable income. And while no contribution is too small and I appreciate every penny spared, I don't want my friends that care about my journey but struggle check-to-check to fret about putting their loose change in for me. Let's help each other in our community in other ways.

I've secured:

  • Free housing
  • A free ride to my host's house from the airport
  • A scholarship for a discounted ticket (Registration total $185)
  • A plane ticket
  • A ride to the airport in Houston as well as free childcare the day I leave
  • The promise of a haircut to avoid gender dysphoria issues at the conference
  • Free meals on-site at the conference
  • Transportation (~$280 for Lyft rides to all destinations) 
  • 3 days of paid childcare ($100/day for both kids)

Total remaining budget needs: $0!!!!!!

I have no doubt I can do this entire trip for $1200. Any money I raise and don't use, I'll put in the basket at RMCC (or if it exceeds $500, I'll split it for RMCC and donate the other half to the Creating Change 2020 conference). 

I believe God put a call on my life to serve the intersectional missions of Jesus in a professional capacity. I am still not quite sure what that looks like, and I'm raising two small children and training to be a secondary teacher in the meantime. This is the last Creating Change conference before I enter the teaching profession, so there couldn't be a better time for me on a personal level to take this leap. I appreciate your support. 

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