Help rebuild the Siberian Husky CAMP in New Jersey & Montana

Help rebuild the Siberian Husky CAMP in New Jersey & Montana

From Victor Quinteros Marquina

To help Victor continue his development as an animal behaviorist and to work with him in building a sanctuary system to bring animals to a safe haven far from the dangers of euthanasia and to protect sled dogs.

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Giving Levels

For protein powder and other special vitamins per dog.


Adoption Fee

The amount we have to pay to keep a Siberian Husky out of trouble and bring him to out safe heaven.


Construction, Maintenance and Repairs

To help build, maintain and repair the training facility.


Cleaning and Walking, running services

To provide a good cleaning team to maintain the property and to train and exercise the animals.


Average monthly cost for food and vet services

To provide real food and veterinarian services to our dogs, it is important for them to eat good protein and get the medical attention they deserve.


More Info

Victor Quinteros owned and operated Siberian Husky CAMP of America since 2020.

THE HOUSE OF JACK, ZEUS, MEEKA, and their husky friends


Victor has been a target of anti-ownership groups for years due to misconceptions. The dog training facility (non a shelter) was under construction and in the process of being licensed and permitted by the city of New York, However, Staten Island has the Animal Law Unit under the Staten Island District Attorney associated with the ASPCA "THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE THE SOLE AUTHORITIES ON ANIMAL CARE. THEY HAVE NO OVERSIGHT WHATSOEVER".

On July 29, 2022, Staten Island's Animal Law Unit raided the Siberian Husky CAMP. And Victor was arrested.

The raid has put a tremendous emotional strain on Victor and the dogs. He was being painted by many in the media as a monster. Nothing could be further from the truth.

All the dogs were under vet care. On the day of the raid, a Puppy PLUTO died. Between the action of the Sheriff, the arrival of the ASPCA, and the press inside the property, the father of the puppy was captured and the mother was left behind on her own taking care of the 8 puppies. this was a failure of the sheriff her team and not of Victor.


At the ASPCA facility, the huskies started having problems with not being used to their cages, the industrialized food, and the limited space of the shelter.

It's important to note that if any animal becomes sick in the care of the ASPCA, there is a strong probability the animal will be killed.



Victor said

"I hope I will be understood and empathized with.

Moving forward will be an immense mental and even more financial challenge.


are part of the long list of Huskies seized by the ASPCA with the NYC Sheriff.

For Quinteros, this is the fight of his life. he is battling a corrupt system in New York City that is directly connected to the most powerful anti-ownership groups in the world. The Animal Law Unit has already taken many of his animals (It will take thousands of dollars in legal fees for Quinteros to win his animals back.) Their success or failure against Quinteros has implications for every animal owner in America. If you love your animals and never want to experience the horror of having them ripped away from you by corrupt government officials, please help Victor Quinteros. He is fighting for all of us.

Photo: Jack and Zeus at the 3 World Trade Center.  

Victor works in the financial district and contrary of what people think he spends the total of his income to take care of in his animals. 

Supporting this campaign will allow him to help more Siberian Huskies and protect them for good. 

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