Help Rawlings Fight Cancer

Help Rawlings Fight Cancer

From Gwemdolyn Rawlings

Raising money for my Bile duct cancer called intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. Donations will be geared to my medical Bills ,help save my life. Please share.

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Myself and my family have set up this page for my much loved, amazing sister, Rawlings, in the hope that together we can cure Rawlings of the aggressive form of Bile duct cancer called intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. In November 2019 Rawlings was diagnosed with a type of cancer that is extremely rare in someone her age. Cholangiocarcinoma is very aggressive and Rawlings life since that point has been filled with surgery and Chemotherapy in an attempt to cure her and reduce the risk of the cancer returning.Everything had seemed to be going well with the treatment, Rawlings blood levels were good and she only had a couple of weeks remaining of the Chemotherapy. However this week our world has been turned upside down with the devastating news from the latest scan that, not only has the cancer returned, but there are multiple tumours all over her liver and bile ducts.Rawlings has been told by her oncologist that this is now inoperable on the NHS, there is very little they can do and it is likely she only has a matter of months to a year remaining.WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELPRawlings is in no way going to give up now. Our hope now lies with treatments that aren’t provided on the NHS. There are two treatments in particular that give us hope. The first is called SIRT which is an advanced type of immunotherapy that targets each specific tumour. The second is an extremely advance form of liver transplant which is only available in America at the University of Chicago Medicine’s transplant program.With these treatment only being available to Rawlings privately we desperately need your help. I understand that there is a lot of heartache out there at the moment, both in terms of health and financially due to Covid-19.  All I can say is that anything you can donate to help save Rawlings will be appreciated from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you all so much x

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