Help Raise Money For DACA Student's College Fund

Help Raise Money For DACA Student's College Fund

From Carlos Rios

I am fundraising for my friend who is apart of the DREAM Act and is currently paying out of pocket for his college education to become a dental hygenist.

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I am raising money for someone who is very close and dear to me so that he can afford his college education. My friend is an undocumented immigrant, and as such is unable to receive financial aid, and while he is able to apply for several scholarships specifically for DACA students, it is very competitive and unrealistic that he will receive any that'll support his major. 

When he was a toddler, his parents brought him from Colombia to Boston, Massachusetts in the US, and had since been raised with good morals and teachings in hopes that he would be a giving and loving individual. This early education would shape the man he would become.

In High School, he helped with social justice work and community organizing, volunteering some of his hours to the Boston-area Youth Organizing Project (BYOP) and the Youth Affordability Coalition, helping Boston students receive the Youth Pass, a monumental victory for the multi-year campaign. 

After graduating, he moved in with his disabled friend in Western Massachusetts and became his Personal Care Provider, assisting him in his everyday needs like laundry, cooking, cleaning, dog care, and overall physical support. In the few years he acted as his friend's PCP, he gained an appreciation for supporting others and the medical field. He also wishes to provide for his parents who have sacrificed much for him and his brother. 

He then began pursuing his goals in health care and began attending Quinsigamond Community College to receive an associate's in Dental Hygiene. However, as an undocumented immigrant, he, unfortunately, does not qualify for financial aid. He has applied for several scholarships, but due to the competitive nature of said scholarships, he has been forced to take out loans and work part-time which could force him to take longer in completing his major.

As of right now, he is paying out of pocket, but even then, the prospects of never having enough are daunting. He cannot work full time due to school, but he needs to make money to pay for classes. Watching him and his parents struggle to find where they can pay for his classes is discouraging especially now that his younger brother (who does qualify for Financial Aid) is himself a Freshman in college. 

DACA students/Dreamers are allowed to get a college education, but without proper financial support, my friend and his family are struggling to make ends meet. I am hoping that by starting this fundraiser, I can provide him and his family some financial support. If you are able to give, please do, every dollar helps. Please help by spreading the word to every connection. Being an American is to pursue a better life. Help him and his family pursue theirs. 

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