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What if the solution is not multi-million dollar grants or graphic documentaries but simply people one at a time making a conscious decision to open their ears to the cries of a hurting generation?

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers. 4 out of 5 teens who have attempted suicide have given clear warnings. "Some days I don’t even know why I try. What can I do to be significant? I’m screaming out, doing everything in my power to be heard, yet even silence is louder than my screams. What can I do to heard, other than tear down my world, break apart my life, die?"

Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Does he not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the losh sheep until he finds it? –Luke 15:4

Over the past decade we have repeatedly witnessed the tragic reports of violent school shootings from all parts of the country. Countless stories about the victims and the shooters have tried to attempt to make sense of it all and dozens of programs have been implemented to stop these tragedies from happening again. What if the solution is not multi- million dollar grants or graphic documentaries but simply people one at a time making a conscious decision to open their ears to the cries of a hurting generation? This film is about what can happen when one student makes that choice.


Cory Daniels is living the dream. He’s captain of his high school football team with a scholarship to a top university, he’s dating the prettiest girl in school and he’s the envy of every other guy on campus. When his neighbor and former best friend, Matthew Williams, charges onto the football field and ultimately taking his own life, Cory is awakened to reality. As the world just wants to move on with life, or find someone to blame, Cory cannot get the question out of his mind, “Could I have done something?” What starts with a guilty conscience leads to a journey that he could have never expected.


As Cory uncovers the life of his former best friend, he finds far more than he ever bargained for. There are many people hurting but nobody is hearing their cries. As Cory searches for answers, he is befriended by a youth pastor, John, who had Matthew’s check out his group one time before ending his life. As John struggles with his own guilt of somehow letting this hurting student slip through the cracks of his own ministry he also for the first time challenges Cory to live a life of true significance. As Cory begins to change, he sees the shallowness of his old life in getting drunk every weekend and living only for himself.  Amidst heavy disapproval from parents and friends, Cory desperately reaches out for answers from anyone who will listen, even God.


He finds the church to be like life: there are some genuine people and many who are just wearing a mask. In a moment of frustration after Matthew’s death, Cory calls the group out to either go hard or go home with their faith. With his old gang turning their back on him and his girlfriend dumping him for his former best friend, Cory’s eyes are opened to those going through life alone. Cory befriends Danny, an ignored freshman just walking home from school who reminds him so much of Matthew. A real community begins to build each day in the middle of the quad as former outcasts and loners find a home where they are accepted.


Everything comes crashing down when Jessica Andrews, his former “prize” girlfriend reveals that she’s pregnant and he’s the father. A jealous member in the youth group gossips the news to the school and Cory is titled as a hypocrite. While many turn their back on him a small group introduce Cory to the reality of grace.  Countless other stories between Cory and his separated parents, John and his “success minded” senior pastor and the constant question of “what does it take to save a life?” fill the pages of this very real life story.


In the end Cory discovers that the people giving him the most grief are actually the most hurting students on campus. Through much humility and sacrifice Cory begins to learn what it truly takes to save a life. Along the journey he finds that he’s helped more people than he realized, including his own. The film ends where it started, at the graveside of Matthew, but Cory is definitely not the same.


At the end of this emotional roller coaster we are inspired to look at life a little differently and see what amazing good can be done when we give our lives for the sake of others. More than just saving a life we allow others to do the same. Along with raising awareness for suicide and bullying.


What will you do with the money i donate ? 

The money that you donate will go to funding this film. Marketing it, hiring actors & actresses, renting video equipment, hiring a director, cinematographer, buying stock video footage, stock music. Special effects company, wardrobe etc.

What will you do with the revenue from the film ? 

The money that comes from this film project as far as revenue goes, We will use that money for other film projects to raise awarness and be uplifiting films, as well as donating it to notable causes that help the community in some ways. 



Help save a life! Help raise awarness! 

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