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I am eastern European and soon my city can be invaded by tanks. So maybe it is my last chance to leave something behind – a YA novel which can help bullying victims and prevent teen suicide.

UK publisher agreed to publish my YA novel (see details below) because they believe in the goal of the book – to help the bullying victims all around the world and in this way to prevent teen suicide. But the publisher will only publish the book if investment (payment to the publisher for professional editing, design, cover, marketing, printing etc.) from my side will be made because I am an eastern European (English is not my native language so you can imagine how hard it was to write manuscript in EN). I don’t have the sum the publisher asks me, so please, help to publish this book and think about how many schoolchildren around the world you could help and even prevent suicide.

A little bit about the book: manuscript is written in such a way that it is interesting to read to schoolchildren, it involves hip-hop, freestyle battles, etc.

“For Amal, a sixteen-year-old outcast, life in school is not a bed of roses: everyday bullying, quarreling parents. And if it was not enough - that inner sense of loneliness, insecurity, disgust towards one’s body is killing him from the inside. Deep inside, he would like to become a rapper, but a lawyer’s path is already chosen for him by others. Amal starts asking himself, „Why suffer for two more years? What will change?” He puts a letter full of pain and hope into an old bottle and throws it into the river. He gives one month for a change. If nothing changes, there will be no more Amal in this world. Will something change on the last day on this planet?”

“This book is a guiding star for teenagers - how to survive school, online and off bullying, loneliness, stress, negative body image, and other teen issues. Most of the stories told in the book are based on real events, real people. It means that the ones who had a miserable experience in school are now walking on this planet with a wide smile. But what happens to the bullies?”

This book was born unexpectedly: while being bored I was scrolling through Facebook. While scrolling I stopped for a moment and shouted, “Wow!” noticing something similar to the law of science: my classmates, who were bullied at school, achieved a lot later in life and were happy with their lives. I checked this “theory” with every classmate and it was a 100% truth. Well, for the bullies life, to put it mildly, was not a dream... So I decided to write a young adult fiction book, where I wanted to share my message: if you are being bullied, don’t give up, it means that beautiful life is waiting for you. Although novel is fictitious (fictitious main characters, fictitious story), but one will find lots of real stories, real people, authentic experiences. The book covers online and offline bullying, peer pressure, stress, suffering from negative body image, choosing one’s path, first love, bad habits, dealing with divorce, and other essential issues for teens. In this book one can even find that learning can be fun. This book makes you understand that there is always a light, and everything will be alright. Proof? It’s in the book.

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