Help Prevent Homelessness for Us + Service Animal

Help Prevent Homelessness for Us + Service Animal

From Ashley Buker

I'm raising money for moving expenses, & costs associated being forced to relocate after being served with an eviction on last minute notice. All donations will go towards helping prevent homelessness for the household.

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I work as a Live-In Aide for a disabled man and his Service Animal. Last week we were blindsided when he was served with an eviction notice over an alleged lease violation(Not due to owed rent, he's been on-time for the entire 10 year residency). They are not giving him any choice or options, and never gave any kind or prior notice or way to remedy the alleged violation they are evicting him for. The history of harassment and treatment this man has received over his approximate 10 year residence here is, to say the least, abhorrent. I've personally witnessed it myself. Unfortunately in the area we reside, most low-income rentals are managed by this same company, and they have quite a track record of bad service and treatment of their residences(online reviews and in-person conversations with others have shown this)As a result of this Eviction, he and his dog (and myself, as I currently reside in the home with him to assist him daily), are now facing homelessness within the next 2 weeks. He's on a limited income, as he is disabled. And I, being his fulltime Live-In Aide, have no income myself (I received a place to stay in leiu of a paycheck for my services). This is making it EXTREMELY difficult to find a place to stay on such short notice that is anywhere close to affordable. And to make matters worse, now that there is an eviction action against him pending in the courts, it's nearly impossible to rent from any property rental company, as most specifically refuse renting to anyone who has an eviction on their record. Many places don't seem allow animals either, even though he has a service animal, most seem to prefer to rent to people without animals, period. I don't want to see his Service Animal end up in a shelter, as she is already 7 years old, and they have a very close bond with each other; it would devastate the both of them.We're looking into private rentals or anything we can find at this point that will accept us. The difficulty is that most private rentals don't offer any type of rental assistance. To add more burden to things, we have accumulated 10 years worth of "life" in this place. It all has to go, and being on such short notice, ther's not much time to slowly relocate anything bit-by-bit, and as of now, nowehere to put it. There's alot to move, and it needs to be out as soon as we can do so, because if forced to pay for the items to be stored until pickup after the eviction, it would be difficult to pay the Management what they would charge for Storage Fee's after the fact as well. And personally, I don't trust them to store it properly, based on their lack of respect and professionalism up  to this point.ALL dontaions made will go towards expenses related to finding a new place to live(security deposits, application fees, rent, moving costs, potential storage fees for a short time until a new place is secured, etc.) We would greatly appreciate any assistance, and prayers, you could provide to help us through this very rough patch. Please feel free to share this with anyone you know or feel would be willing and able to help as well!Thank you for your kindness and gratitude!

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