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From Damien Sheldahl

To pay off bills to be able to start fresh with the new person in my life im an ex felon whos being turned down for a lot of work. Its really hard and down for me. I need to start over fresh but cant.

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Ente. I ve been through alot i was married for 13 years that all came to a stop when my ex told me she had 8 affairs and the last was with my close uncle. She wanted to keep me led me on for 2 years while incarcerated for self dwfense in my house against a man who was trying to rape a female in my house and he was asked repeatedly to leave he then attacked me and got me on floor then it got out of control. I went to prison for defending myself in my house against a person who was unwanted and trying to rape a female. I lost my business my vehicles my great credit. Im free and im trying to move on with life with someone new. My ex told me the whole time would work on it and stay together my oldest daughter informed me my ex was cheated again and she eventually left me for him. I have nothing i came from nothing th bad parts of town and built a life for me and my kids now its all gone. I have debt and bad credit now. My life trying to put back together is hard being an ex felon with bad credit. My new speacial someone is feeling the effect of my past. I cant suprise her with gifts an apartment or pay any bills. I feel like giving up but i cant for my girls my three little kids. Please help me get a good start thank you

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