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Help Our Mom

From Andre Kozlovsky

We are raising money for our mom's fight against cancer. We need your help to reach our goal! Please become a supporter to follow our progress and share with your friends.

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Dear Friends!

This last January 2014 our mom, Ludmila Luneva, was diagnosed with a stage two stomach cancer. At the time, doctors believed that there was a good chance of curing it through a course of chemotherapy followed by a surgical removal of the affected area which would result in her losing about 2/3 of her stomach. However, just four days into her chemo treatment she was hospitalized with severe side effects and doctors decided to stop it altogether and move on to the next stage – surgery.

Unfortunately, during the surgery on April 15th, it was discovered that cancer cells had progressed rapidly and infiltrated beyond their initial location down to her upper intestinal area and the outer layers of her stromach. At that point the surgery that we all put our hopes in had to be abandoned and any further medical treatment became very limited with just a hopeless and highly toxic chemotherapy as a way to temporarily postpone a very dire outcome we all dread.

Everyone can understand that this is not an easy pill to swallow so we decided to reject this medical prognosis. We decided to fight!

As my mom was going through the treatment, all of us were looking into alternative and non-conventional ways of supporting her immune system and fight cancer auxiliary to the main hospital treatment plan. We did a lot of research and after evaluating multiple alternative cancer treatment protocols we focused on one that particularly stood out – the Gerson Therapy. Out of all of them it offered the highest success rate even for the most hopeless of patients. It was designed by a genius German medical doctor Max Gerson through decades of research and clinical trials but unfortunately it was rejected by conventional medical establishment because it does not include surgery and highly toxic and carcinogenic chemo and radio therapies. Needless to say that this type of treatment is not covered by medical insurance and has to be paid in full by a patient.

Please don't get us wrong. We do not reject conventional treatment. We'd truly hoped it would help but instead we were confronted with the fact that this conventional approach itself rejected our hope for success. We HAD to look elsewhere because at this point the doctors offer not much more than the "get ready for the worst".

This Gerson Therapy is one of the most difficult protocols to follow and requires a lot of support and determination. The initial treatment is conducted at a specialized clinic and we know of two – one in Mexico and another in Hungary. Since my mom lives in Europe, we plan on sending her to the one in Hungary on the 10th of May. It consists of a very strict diet, lots of juicing (up to 20lb of organic fruits and veggies per day) and variety of detoxifying procedures. The point is to starve the cancer cells while at the same time boosting the energy level and resilience of the healthy ones. I'm not going to go into much detail but the whole system just makes perfect sense. Our mom is ready for it and so are we! We believe in it and we invite you to believe with us!

The two week stay at the clinic costs 7,000.00 euros which is roughly 10,000.00 USD and includes stay at the facility, special diet, juicing, all necessary supplements as well as all detoxifying procedures. But, it's just the beginning. After the two weeks my mom will have to continue with the therapy at home in London for months and maybe even years. We don't know exactly how much we will need but we'd like to start with something and move from here. Her husband is on disability and our mom, who's only 56, cannot work due to her condition so the financial crunch can already be felt.

My brother, his wife and myself decided to start this campaign and invite all of our friends to share it on social networks. Anything helps – a good word of support, a prayer, every dollar is a blessing and a contribution to my mom's resolve to recover. We will keep updating this campaign as things progress and we thank you very much for taking a minute to read about it.

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