Help our family get to Boston for my sister's wedding

Help our family get to Boston for my sister's wedding

From Jennifer Pittman

Our family of 7 is in need of financial help to get to Boston for my baby sister's wedding. We have never taken a family vacation. 4 of my 5 children have never left St. Louis.

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We first started planning for our first ever family vacation to Boston about a year snd a half ago to see my little sister get married. To make the trip special for our children, we were hoping to stretch the 18-hour drive into 3 days; stopping each day to have family fun. One stop for example would be in Hershey, Pennsylvania to vosit Chocolate World. 

I understand it probably sounds silly to fundraise for a vacation. Let me explain our situation a little. My husband and I planned an itinerary along with a budget over a year ago. We originally decided to save $2000 so our kids could experience all the typical touristy attractions. We've been hyping the kids up for over a year and a half, and to be honest, I was truly looking forward to giving them this experience. We have never taken a vacation as a family so the past year and a half have been extremely exciting for our kids. 

My husband and I have been puting in extra hours. He works all the overtime his job will allow. I stay home for now, but babysit, work for our church, sell freelance articles, clean homes, and other odd jobs to supplement his income. 

We were doing great with saving money. By the time we filed our taxes, we had $1200 saved up. We decided to put aside $800 from our taxes to meet our goal and use the rest to pay down our credit card debt. Our taxes came, and thankfully we were able to pay off our credit cards and closed the accounts. Things were looking up for the first time in years. 

Then last month, our only vehicle, a 7-seater Suburban blew it's engine. We had no choice but to use the money we put aside for our vacation to fix our vehicle. In addition to using that, we had to take out a loan on my husband's 401k and a payday loan. 

One week after fixing our truck, our 10 year old woke us in the middle of the night with trouble breathing while fighting a cold. He was turning blue and purple and we rushed him to the ER where he was found to have pneumonia and bronchitis. The cost of his medical bills from that night have come to over $2500. 

Coincidentally,  the same week, I had medical issues of my own which required an MRI, and a procedure on my esophagus. My medical expenses have totaled over $5000 and bills are still coming in. 

My husband and I are absolutely devastated at how quickly our financial situation flipped on us. We desperately want to make this vacation happen. Not only for ourselves and our children, but for my sister who is marrying the love of her life. 

At minimum, just to pay for gas there and back, and our motel rooms, we have figured we'll need between $800-$900. If we can raise just that, we would be incredibly grateful. We are hoping to raise $1500 fo give our kids an actual experience they will treasure and remember. 

In addition to this and my husband and I working more, my older children are helping to fundraise by walking dogs, lawncare, and selling candy bars. 

Thank you for your consideration in helping our family. If you cannot donate financially, we appreciate any and all prayers for our family. Thank you, and God bless. 

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