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In 2011, I opened an art space called Aviary in Jamaica Plain, MA. After nine years of regular bi-monthly exhibitions, over 100 music shows, dozens of workshops, and countless other events (including a wedding!), Aviary will transition to an online exhibition space after our lease ends in December. With the pandemic being a nightmare and rent increases in Jamaica Plain being also a nightmare, we just can't afford to sign a third five-year lease.

I've always thought that the beautiful building at 708 West Rosemary Street in Carrboro, North Carolina would be a perfect art space. It became available this summer and due in part to the generosity of my new landlord (a supporter of the arts), I was able to sign the lease and decided to open Peel. 



Peel is an art gallery, community event space, digital photography lab, and retail space promoting contemporary art. We are dedicated to supporting the work of emerging, mid-career, and under-recognized artists through diverse and unique educational programming.

Peel is intended to go beyond the model of traditional exhibition space, to offer a curated selection of local art, photography, jewelry, books, comics, and zines in addition to monthly gallery exhibitions. After gallery hours, the space will host workshops, lectures, concerts, film screenings, and music performances.



As an integrated art, education, retail, and event space, Peel seeks to create a dynamic model that promotes accessibility, inspires creativity, and enables/empowers the whole community through a diversity of use and programming.



  • Serve and represent the whole community through an emphasis on including works by artists marginalized as a result of their sexuality, ethnicity, gender, disability, class-status, formal educational level, or immigration status.
  • Provide space for local photographers to make, scan, and print their own work.
  • Furnish artists with a place to meet, share their work, attend workshops, and have their work photographed.
  • Collaborate with LEVEL Retreat, Cosmic Rays, Carrboro Arts Center, and Attic 506 (to name a few) on public art initiatives and socially distanced outdoor events (rooftop screenings, murals, site-specific performances, etc).
  • Make available space for the community to use for public and private events.
  • Present streaming art talks, lectures, and screenings via the gallery’s website for accessibility and wider reach of eyes and ears.
  • Offer development opportunities for emerging and student artists and curators, especially PoC, to increase representation and access to resources, grants, press, collectors, fellowships, internships, and mentorship.
  • Lift up Carrboro’s independent arts scene while exciting and empowering collaboration towards more equitable community growth, through new conversations and community-centered programming, residencies, public art projects, and artist-led outreach.



I’m writing to ask you to be involved with the creation of Carrboro’s newest and North Carolina’s only art gallery, digital photography lab, and community event space. Startup expenses are looking to be between $24,326 and $36,275 dollars at the moment. Our reach goal is $59,895 which would cover opening costs and provide the first six months of rent plus bills. Funds raised will allow us to start our business with financial integrity so we may open and grow in spite of the pandemic. Please join us in supporting art and artists.

Thank you SO much for your support and for reading all of these words.  Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to help open Peel and make it a meaningful, sustainable part of our community. For other ways to get involved go to

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