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Hi all, my name is Kimberly. I'm a nonprofit worker living in Loudon, TN with my partner, our cat (Deva) and dog (Nori). Nori was rushed to the emergency vet and ultimately hospitalized for acute pancreatitis. We're waiting for her to come home, and in the meantime, are facing down a $2400 - $4700 vet bill which we can't pay without accumulating more debt. A deposit has already been made for her care, but the final payments will need to be provided by the time we pick her up (in 3-5 days).

A bit more about Nori for the curious!

She is an almost-5-year-old Jack Russell/Chihuahua/gremlin mix, adopted two years ago through City Dogs Rescue in Washington, DC. City Dogs works with rural kill shelters across Virginia and North Carolina to bring dogs up to DC for adoption/fostering. I adopted Nori right before the start of lockdown (two years ago this month!), and it was love at first sight with her big bug eyes. She snorts and sniffs at just about anything she sees, and has an odd knack for finding discarded hoagies in bushes (leading to much wrestling of soggy bread out of her mouth). She despises the rain but loves the snow. She is the comic relief of our little family.

We'll happily share more stories and photos of our silly girl, and the breakdown of her medical expenses.

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