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Dear Sir/ Madam,

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my message in advance. I greatly appreciate it very much. I am writing to you because I believe that you can help me.

I am Lincoln Ng, a 23 year old student who is currently studying in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. I started a delivery business to deliver food to students within NTU every night to earn my pocket money for my University’s fees and expenses.

However, I have lost this source of income due to Covid 19 where all of us were forced to move out of NTU Halls. This has caused me to be facing difficulties to pay my fees.

I am really ashamed of the bad decisions I made due to this situation and greatly regret my actions. However, there is nothing I could do now to turn back time. As I am unable to get any jobs, to make up for the amount that I need, I went to play online Poker. This was the worst decision of my life which resulted me in falling short a larger amount that I originally needed.

I have stopped playing and thinking of chasing loss since then. I am determined to earn the money back the right way as soon as I am given the opportunity. I promised myself never to touch any forms of gambling again because this really screwed me over very badly. The amount I earned through months of hard-work that is supposed to pay my fees just vanished in minutes.

I knew I was wrong and I plan to influence and share my experience with others to ensure that they do not fall into the same path as myself. I am very fortunate that I stopped at S$5,000 and did not end up in any debts.

I plan to help people get out of the vicious cycle of chasing loss and borrowing money to gamble resulting in debts. I understand the addiction that people are facing. One of them is being unable to accept the fact that the money is lost. After all these, I realised the only thing to do is to move on and not go deeper.

I would share my story (printed out and attached) with the food that I am delivering in NTU when the starting next Semester. I will set up a group beyond my current delivery group to help people who face similar situations like myself. I will also take up any opportunities where I can do public speaking about gambling problems to the masses as well.

I really hope you would reply to this message to help me pull through these difficulties that was self inflicted by myself. I would be willing to do any form of work/ job from home (due to lockdown) if you have any to make a living the honest way. I promise to do my utmost to give back to the society to help people who face similar problems as myself in future.

I truly and deeply regretted my actions and hope that you would give me a helping hand. I ensure that I will not repeat my mistakes again after this painful lesson and look forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to contact me if you need any forms of clarifications or verifications. I would greatly appreciate any amount you are comfortable with helping. Here’s my link to my Paypal account @ PayPal.Me/lincolnng or my bank account @ Singapore DBS 0230-052287.

Best regards,

Lincoln Ng


+65 9221 5074

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