Help needed for kitty named Hope who had both of her hind legs amputated!!!!

Help needed for kitty named Hope who had both of her hind legs amputated!!!!

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Supplies needed to set up for initial two months of care for newly adopted kitty.........

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I have recently found a severly disabled kitty who has had both hind legs amputated and needs special food, diapers, wheelchair/harness, ramps to get on bed etc. I want to give her a furrever home and I think she will strive here because of the love and care we can give her.  People say put her down, but her quality of life is fine other than having no hind legs she has no other medical problems.  She can live a long, happy and healthy life with the proper love and care. 

God has just brought Hope to my family.  Since she came to us unexpectedly, we have nothing to care for her special needs.  We are asking for help just to get us supplies and vet care for the first couple of months.  If we raise more than what are goal is set for, we would like to donate it to another animal in need.  So you may be helping another animal as well.  It is difficult to ask for help but we have nothing here that will make her life productive and comfortable.   She is very loving, playful and affectionate.  She is  approximately a two and a half year old  spayed female kitty.    According to the vet her bowel movements can be  somewhat painful for her because she seems to have been sedentary  for a long period of time and may have some paralysis in her bowel area.  They cannot give her pain medications for her pain  because that would constipate her and cause her more pain.  They are currently saying to give her miralax to help ease her bowel movements but they are still painful for her.  She cries out in pain and its awful to hear her struggling to move her bowels.  She needs to eat special food with lots of fiber in it.  She cannot eat regular cat food.  I would like to get her a wheelchair to build up her strength and then let her get around on her own only using the chair when needed.  And the chair may help her become more  active which the vet says may also help her bowels become a bit more active as well and become less painful for her to go to the bathroom.  The vet says she will not be able to use a litter box so we need to take measurements and have special diapers made to fit her body.  The large dog kennel would be used only when she is sick or having severe diarrhea.  She WILL NOT be LIVING in it.  She WILL HAVE full roam of the entire house! We look forward to having this disabled special needs kitty  in our life for years to come!!!  Please just help us get started getting her what she needs!!  Any donation even as little as one dollar will be appreciated!!  God Bless everyone and thank you!!!  Giving levels are just suggestions.....just give what you can.

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