Help needed for a safe and secure life

Help needed for a safe and secure life

From Emma Rouhikko

The fundraiser is needed for getting a kickstart towards the new life in United States, life without constant fear and having security is what is needed. Good education is my main goal of life.

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Hello everyone, I'm Emma, a 20 year old young woman from Finland, but is seeking a safe place from Los Angeles, California.

The reason for this fundraiser is to get my life started in California, I have numerous reasons why I decided to leave Finland, and shortly, it is the people who live in here.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was the target of child abuse and constant victim of bullying, that got much worse when I started to get older, year by year I started to realize more what is going on. I still tried to be the happy child and the friend of everyone.

I was "blue-eyed", the quiet one, helpful and kindhearted, but in return I always got bad treatment. It got worse when my parents broke up and a huge battle between them began, I was in between that and both of my parents tried to use me as a weapon, but when my dad got to know about my mom's sexuality, he blew up.

I had to testify against my own dad in court because I believed my mom that he was the bad person...

That was a mistake, during the court battle my bullying went physical, I started getting death threats, everyone cursed at me, treated me like nothing and that is when I started to think about hurting myself. It got really severe, even to the point that I started to try to end my life, a teenager shouldn't even think of ending her life right?

it still continues until this day, my biological family is a threat to me, so is the people of Finland because of my boyfriend, he's hispanic so people in Finland don't accept him.

Even my ex boyfriend is trying to hurt me and the Finnish police won't do anything about it, so these are reasons why I decided to leave Finland.

I really do need help, otherwise I wouldn't be in here, I want to start my life again in Los Angeles, I want to go to school and live a safe and secure life.

i am scared to death in Finland, and I have all of my friends in California.

I appreciate the help I can get, even the smallest act will help me to achieve my dream of studying and getting a new secure life in California.

thank you for reading, I appreciate your time.


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