Help me to change

Help me to change

From Youssef Ahmad

I am Youssef Ahmad I am 17 years old I suffer from poor nutrition and thyroid problems if I'm interested in reading my story

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Everything started in 2011 when my mother helped me with my homework  The television was open and I remember how it looked when I turned to the television. How are there people who throw Syrian flag on the ground? When my mother asked what was happening, my mother said there was nothing but I knew there was something 

In a matter of seconds, we remember what happened in the neighboring Arab countries and we learned that the following three or five months later, the war on Aleppo began.

We hurt with my illness until we went to the village 

When we arrived there we thought we would stay a week and a month

Here the problem starts We went to the village with nothing but with our spirits We stayed in the village for two years

  It was the age of my first year that we stayed in my uncle's house

So we decided to leave her house because we were a heavy guest

We did not find a house other than an old house. My grandfather returned home from mud. I left the city and lived in a village without the simplest things. So, there was no water and electricity. People can not live without Wi-Fi.

  We live without all this Our health and our spirits deteriorated a lot although I was at that time a child

Despite all this, life was good until the Isis arrived after a period of their arrival in Bad Brasel threats of my father's death so we were forced to flee to Turkey

It was difficult to adapt to the new country situation new language new life

But if things had gone that way, it would have been harder for Abe to stay at home for two months without job  The salary of my father comes like a breeze and disappears from the many banks renting homes expensive because there are a lot of Syrians began to leave the exploitation of the Syrians in the work and rent houses

Kano makes the Syrian works double Turkish work and half the salary Abe continued to work

For two years until he was fired

Four months without work and rent house Ghali bills and our family was made up of eight people was very large bank

  After all this trouble, my father decided to go to Europe. We continued with a smuggler because he said to go to Istanbul and then to Izmir and then to the sea to Greece. After all this trouble, the smuggler stole the money

We returned to the city from which we came and for the first time our luck smiles. A week after our return, my father found work 

I am now 17 years old and suffer from poor nutrition and problems in the thyroid gland

Length 173 and weight 47.2

This is an overview of my miserable life

  The money will be used to buy medicine and the vitamin will undergo a process in the thyroid gland and this money will be psychologically stimulated

Thanks to everyone who read my story and wanted to help me

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