Help my students have a street and a bridge for their future as a next generation

Help my students have a street and a bridge for their future as a next generation

From Bulian, Arifin

I'm raising money for my school to construct a road and a bridge both are used by my students, teachers and also by the citizens to their farm

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The Reason to Join an Education Nonprofit Fundraising Program

Some of you must care about children and their education. It seems sad to see them can’t get a high-quality education. If they can’t get it there will be a little chance to change their lives in the future. One way to help them to get a better education is by joining our nonprofit fundraising program. There are some reasons why you have to join the donation program.    

Help Children in Remote Area to Get Better Education

The first reason why you have to join the nonprofit fundraising program is to make the children, especially who are living in a remote area can achieve the same chance to study. For so long, they can’t go to school it doesn’t mean they don’t want to. The main problem is that they don’t know the school is. We want to build a school which can help those children to become a student. Later, they know where to go if they want to learn something new.

Help to Build a Better Infrastructure

The second reason is that the fund is not only used to build a school. Moreover, it is also used to build supportive infrastructures. The primary need besides a building to study is better access to go to school. Going to the school for the remote students can be full of risks. The distance between their house and the school is far away and sometimes it takes a few hours to go to  school. By following the fundraising program, you are supporting them to get better access to go to school because the money will be used to fix the street.       

Help to Build Safe Access to Study

Another reason to join this fundraising program is that we need your help to build safety access for the students to go to school. What they need is not only a better road condition but also safety access. For instance, the area needs to be supported by a bridge so the students don’t have to talk in the river only to go to school. As the result, they don’t need to get wet and keep clean while learning the new knowledge and skill. The goal of creating safety access is they can go to school without facing any serious risks even in rain.

Help the Children to Have a Better Future

The point is that by following this program, you help children to get a better life in the future. They will go to school to learn many things instead of working in the farm or field. There will be more hopes for them to help their family by earning more money by using their skills or knowledge which they get from school. If they know there is a place to study along with easy access, they will be happy to go there and study.    

The reason above is enough to make you join our nonprofit fundraising program. Our mission is to make children have more chances to get a better education. So, they will be a valuable citizen in the future. At least, they can achieve more skills and knowledge to support their career in the future and help their family away from a financial problem. It can’t be achieved without a better education infrastructure.

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