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My cat Violet was a graduation present from my mom and dad about a month ago. I am graduating from graduate school in a couple of weeks and I have always wanted a cat. I fell in love with her from the moment they brought her home. My parents got her from Animal Kind in Hudson. They said they told her she was healthy, but she started sneezing almost immediately when she came home. I set up an appointment at my local vet clinic to start a relationship with them. I had no idea that by the time I left I was going to hear the worst news I could imagine.  Violet had a growth in the back of her throat. It is a condition called stomatitis and gingivitis. It is an auto immune disease where the gums are raw and sore and the tonsils are swollen. I left the vet with some antibiotics. The vet told me the sneezing is a condition called feline herpes, or a kitty cold, which will go away on its own.  The stomatitis we were told would be with Violet forever, and she would always be on medicine. She may even need all her teeth removed.I found out Animal Kind's vet would see us for free. My parents took Violet there a couple of weeks ago. The vet was a retired vet and has very limited options of what he can and would do. He put Violet on another script of antibiotics and a steroid shot. The vet is only there a couple of days a week. He did not seem very willing to explore any other ideas for treatment.Violet was getting progressively worse. She was becoming very lathargic and the sneezing was getting worse. I made an appointment at The Animal Hospital in Slingerlands, NY, a week ago. This is the vet my parents have used for almost ten years with the family dogs. Dr. Lexy saw her. She wanted to run some blood panels to determine if the stomatitis could be due to Bardinella (or cat scratch fever). She wanted to biopsy the growth in the back of Violet's throat and was going to give us a quote as to how much the biopsy would cost. The vet bill for that day was $390, and my mom paid $60 towards it.I got a call yesterday. Dr. Lexy said Violet's blood showed high liver enzymes. This can be indicative of cancer. She now needs an ultrasound of her abdomen. They told us this will cost $200 or more, and it is scheduled for Monday, April 30th. The cost for the biopsy of her growth is $500 or more and has not been scheduled yet. I suffer from depression and my kitty has been such a big relief to this. She gives me something to look forward to and gives me hope. I am getting a $200 donation from The Pet Connection's Steve Capporizzo, but I am just starting out. I was supposed to be getting my first apartment this summer. I work part-time while in school and even though I am graduating, I still have the rest of the year to do clinicals before I can take my boards. I was not prepared to take on a sick cat. I have the means to care for a healthy pet. To be given a sick cat was not something I was expecting. I know my parents meant well. My mom feels terrible. Returning her is not an option. They would take her back, but I love her and I need to know she is going to be ok. Please help me get Violet healthy. She is my baby. Thank you so much.

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