Help my mum please

Help my mum please

From David Kocsis

I'm raising money for my mom. She has lost her teeth and must continue to pay her doctors' fees for dental surgery. She is older and sadly I can't support her anymore.

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Hi guys,I would never ask for money. Honestly. But this crisis around COVID-19 brought us here and asked for help. 

This is our last chance to overcome this situation, and I'm still hoping that people are generally nice and they will help us.

I'm raising money for my mum who has lost all her teeth. This surgery cost her a lot of money but the problem is that she couldn't pay all of it. So she has signed a contract with doctors to pay them monthly fees. 

However, she doesn't work much because of COVID-19. She has no UNI degree to get a better job as a home office. All her life she worked as a shop assistant and now everything is gone. Less job, no money, no support

She had always my support that I could send her some money every month but I'm also out of work. My father died a few years ago, grandfathers, grandmothers, mum's cousins too etc. So we have no one to really help us. I have been helping my mum for almost 10 years. Now no chance.

On top of this situation, I'm pretty struggled too. For the past 3 years, I have been working on my online project to develop 1 online store for people who love gym workout and training. However, we have chosen the wrong IT software company (from Prague) that spoiled this project and we had to cancel our contract with them. They have never got the job done, they only took money and we have to sue them for nearly $150 000 (all my saved account for 4 years). I even took a credit card from a bank but it is all taken out. Then I took the loan with the hope that I could return it from the sale of goods from our store. Then I had to ask to postpone the loan because I was unable to pay it.

The problem is that I have to pay my lawyer, otherwise I will lose this money. Time is running. This IT company doesn't talk to us anymore, they play a game that's hidden somewhere. 

The biggest problem is that we have a lot of goods in stock but we don't sell. Because we did not get our online store ready to use 2 years back as planned.The second fact is that I will finish my studies in Australia with my girlfriend in 2 months and we do not know how we can return home if we do not have the money and it seems that we will not be able to buy a flight ticket. At all. 

I have no job at the moment. I can't get any support from the Australian government. Basically nothing could be worse.

Thanks to the IT company and developers, I don't have the money to support my mom, I don't have the money to pay my credit card and loan, I need to pay lawyers, we can't go home because we need to sell our goods or at least send it home to Prague, we don't have the money for that. Unemployed!

I'm not asking here for money if you don't want to support my mum  and me but what you can do is

If you place an order at Guru Muscle you help us to earn some money and sell out our goods out of stock. You get FREE shipping and our gift for FREE. Plus if you visit David Kocsis  you get free training plan to your email and 1h FREE personal training. And then I can again start supporting my mum and pay my lawyers. Or if we win our court (the question is when? 3 years maybe?) and I get my money back I will transfer it back to you guys or tell me what charity I can support later. I will do it. That is a way how we can help each other. 

Thank you guys for everything and hope this crisis will be end soon and be careful when you are dealing with someone. Many bad people are around. This situation is not good at all for us but it makes me stronger and I know that this bad thing comes back to IT company 1 day. 

Thank you to all :)

David and my mum

The lawsuit against the IT company

Goods on stock

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Now no teeth

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