Help My Mom Go to My Brothers Wedding

Help My Mom Go to My Brothers Wedding

From Rainey Smith

I want to raise enough money to buy a plane ticket for my mom to come up to Alaska for my oldest brothers wedding. She can't afford to buy the plane ticket to see him get married and watch a big milestone for any parent.

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Hi, I'm Rainey and this is my wonderful mother Donna, she is an amazing mother, a single parent, and has done nothing but help people and give to the world. My mom has gone through a lot of hardships in her life and is always trying to do the best for me and keep me safe. She doesn't have any living blood family besides her brother because she was adopted and that is why this is so important to me and to her. My mom is currently unable to attend her son's wedding, and for her I can tell it breaks her heart because she raised him and have watched him grow into a man, my mom's family is the family that my dad has since she doesn't have any blood family, my grandma smith who is 87 accepted my mom into the family and immediately made her feel at home. My mom hasn't been to any type of family 

My mom moved to New Hampshire with me in 2013 to take care of her parents in my uncle's house. The living situation was quite rough as he was an alcoholic who suffered from bipolar. My mom was making the money in the house for 5 people to keep us on our feet. My Grandfather died two days before fathers day a couple years ago from a heart attack caused by stress over my uncle and what he would do. In 2016 we moved out with my grandmother into our cozy home we live in now to get out of the toxic household. 

 My grandma had a stroke that left her unable to live at our house, since she was prone to falling and no one could be home all day and since she had a couple of very bad falls involving ER visits and stitches so after the stroke she had to go to a rehab center in a nursing home for a while so she could get stronger, my mom visited her with me every night of the week for about a year straight because she wanted to make sure her mom was comfortable and didn't feel abandoned. My grandma ended up staying in that nursing home for three years until she died and my mom still visited her at least 4 times every week while she was in there, we live in rural New Hampshire and the nursing home was 30 miles away. 

The problem that arose from the nursing home was that the home that the hospital put her in fro rehab was extremely expensive but if we chose another one she would've been on an over a year waiting list. There were a lot of issues and the nursing home bills added up quite quick and gas was expensive, and as a single parent it was hard to keep up but she did while also raising an angsty emo middle schooler. My mom started to really struggle with money when my grandma died because the nursing home came after her for money that was supposed to be paid by insurance, she still paid and got everything handled but it left her in not the best financial state. 

My brother is getting married this summer on the 3rd of August and my mom raised him since my dad had custody on weekdays I'm pretty sure, she loves him and watched him grow up since he was 12, he's 30 now and is finally tying the knot. My entire family including my dad, my stepmom, her kids, all 4 of my aunts, my dads mom who my mom was super close with and hasn't seen in over 6 years, my brothers actual mom, and of course the in law family. 

My mom hasn't taken a sick day off from working since she started in New Hampshire and has been consistently working for 6 years without any type of trip, vacation, or break longer than a 4 day weekend since we moved here. Since she raised my brother and took him in as a son because she never had one and always wanted one she and him were extremely close and my mom has not seen any of my Alaskan family since we moved in 2013. My mom wasn't able to save up money for the wedding because she had to keep up on bills and putting money aside wasn't really an option for her since it was essential.

My mom has done so much for me and I feel bad not being able to give back in any way that even compares to how she gives to me and everyone around her, she's struggled with depression since college and still does everything in her power to make sure I'm taken care of and loved. I want her to finally do something for herself and since she couldn't I want to for her. 

 My mom is heartbroken she can't go and told me to live stream it for her but I want her there with the entire family. I love my mom and she deserves so much more than the life she gets thrown at her I want to give back to the woman who gave me everything. I work and help out with bills but it's not enough to pay for a plane ticket, that's why I'm asking donations, genuinely anything helps. I want to surprise her and bring her back to her home to her happy place so she can finally be happy for the first time in a while.

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