Help my mom bring my brother back home

Help my mom bring my brother back home

From Leo Trims

I'm raising funds to help my brother come back home, the raised amount will go toward air tickets from Poland to Zimbabwe

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I'm Leo, I come from a small family in Zimbabwe of 4 with 3 siblings. The family is headed a single mom, my mother, Sarah, who has really worked had to keep us all since a tender age. My mom has always wanted the best for all us and has always worked vigilantly so that we can get the best in life and put food on the table.

 Three years ago an opportunity came for my older brother to get better education overseas studying in Poland and we grabbed it with both hands. Well during that time it was affordable for my mom to make ends meet for the whole family though we now in opposite parts of the world because the amount of money that she got payed was good enough, which was about $4,000 local currency and at that time cross rated to the US dollar it was closer to 1:1 so my mom could afford the school fee of US$3,000 after the end of every year and then US$200 every month for basic need and rent. Unfortunately things took a very drastic turn the following year after he had left for Poland as the Zimbabwean economy declined leading to massive inflation (currently the rate to the USD is at 1:85) . We tried to hang on and still tried to support him in every way that we could for his second year but the economic hardship kept on increasing and tightening. Eventually with a lot of property sold (like the car) we only managed to cover fees for his second year and rentals. Then this year the situation got really bad with the Corona pandemic at hand and now my moms salary of $4000 local currency which used to be equivalent to nearly $3,600 US dollars has now become equivalent to $40 US dollars which is not even enough for his basic need (but in Zimbabwe it manages to put some food on the table). The situation has become unbearable as I and my little sister are likely to take a break from school just to raise the funds to bring my brother back home which will delay my dream of retiring my mom as soon as possible. Back home he faces a better chance of life and if possible even get to finish his degree in Zimbabwe. Its even more difficult because my brothers student permit has just expired this year in February and he is now stands getting deported. Currently he is living with one of his friends who was very kind to keep him after he got kicked out prior failure to pay his rentals. I just pray that the situation gets better.I have decided to create this fundraiser in an effort to assist my mom to cover transportation costs. I am simply asking for all of you to spread the word and share and post if you are able. I will forever be indebted for all your effots.

Thank you for reading my story.

And God bless you.

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