Help my family escape an abusive narcissist

Help my family escape an abusive narcissist

From Tara Moala

I am going through a messy divorce with an abusive and controlling man. He has set me and our 5 children up to lose EVERYTHING including our home all out of spite of him getting caught cheating.

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Everyone goes through some sort of hardship, and I know I am not the first woman to face divorce and definitely wont be the last but if I didnt desperately need help I wouldnt be here. This has definitely been a journey of humility and my children and I are in desperate need of help. My soon to be ex-husband and I were together for over 15 years in which I have been a stay at home mom to our 5 children. Over the years there were signs that I completely mistook as gestures of love that I should have recognized as methods to control. My husband was a very successful man and a great provider. After our 3rd child I had enrolled in nursing school in hopes to pursue a career as a regestered nurse and to also help contribute to the finaces in our family. This made my husband very unhappy as he expressed to me that he wanted me to be a full time stay at home mom to be available for our children when ever they needed me without any distractions. He had never played a very big roll in helping with the children, but I looked at that as if that were majority my job and responsibility seeing as how he was the only one working and providing and I was the stay at home mother. So yes, I played apart in enabling certain behavior but as a result our children are not close with their father at all. It was soon after he asked me to droop out of school that he also proposed that we try and have another child. We had 3 boys at the time and he wanted to try our luck at conceiving a baby girl. Well, as luck would have it we conceived 2 baby girls, TWINS! It was during this pregnancy that I noticed the change in my husband. He had climbed the ranks at work and became even more successful which was great, but the success started to change him in my opinion. I later learned that he was sleeping around with multiple women that he met online as well as at the gym he was working out at. He had also made some very poor financial investments that I was unaware of untill it was too late.  Once I found out and comfronted him about everything it was like a switch went off in him. He became very aggressive, confrontational and very abusive. I filed for divorce and since then he has moved out and moved in with his girlfriend who happens to be a multi millionaire. He has drained the bank accounts that I had access to, had both my car and our sons car reposessed as they were both in his name and forced our home, the same home that I and the children currently live in, in to forclosure. I had been making all the mortgage payments and he blocked my ability to make the payments to the mortgage company since the loan is solely in his name. Everything we owned together is in his name and he is now trying to drown me in attorney's fees as he knows my financial funds are very limited. I home school our 4 youngest children and take care of my mother who lives with me and suffers from Alzheimer's. I am just trying to be able to pay my attorney's fees and hopefully bring our home out of foreclosure so that my children and I may remain in what was suppose to be "our forever home." A friend told me about this site to ask for help and as much as my pride didnt want to do this, I have nothing left to lose and I owe it to my chhildren to try everything I can. 

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