Help my Dad to make heart surgery

Help my Dad to make heart surgery

From Aleksei Kushnir

Hello, my name's Alex. My father needs a heart surgery. He had a heart attack, his life was saved, but there is needed to make one more surgery. Total amount for surgery is 11090 $.

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Dear, guests, good afternoon! My name's Aleksei Kushnir, I'm from Kyiv, Ukraine. My father needs a heart surgery. 

For todays I'm in debts and loans because of Dad's 2 surgeries, and he needs one more surgery on his heart. My father had a heart attack on 6th September 2018, doctors saved his life. After the 1st surgery I needed to spend 2500-3000 UAH (Ukrainian gryvnya), it is about 100-120 $ per day during 1.5 months (6 weeks). Then there was made one more surgery, it cost 82000 UAH (3000$). And also medical drugs for rehabilitation, also about 90-100 $ daily during 3 weeks. And then Dad went home. Almost 2 years have passed since that time. And we can't do a surgery because of debts and loans. My father needs one more operation, because that stent that was put during the 1st surgery can't circulate blood and it us dangerous.

I implore you to help me! Please! I believe in your kind heart, in your mercy and understanding my situation. I'm tired of my life, I want to save my father's life.Dear Mr or Mrs, I'm in despair. I hate my life, because of my not being able to help my father, and also I have debts and loans (for medicals and first two surgeries). I implore you to help me... My WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram and mobile phone number is: +380996369379. My email is [email protected].

Average salary in Ukraine is 12000-14000 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnyas), it is about 400-500 $. My debts and loans totally are 7390 $, and my Dad's surgery costs 3700 $ plus it is needed medical drugs.

So kind of surgery can't be done in Ukraine. We've been to Poland, and they can do that. It costs 14000 Polish zloty, it is about 3200 euro (3700 $).

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