Help my best friend get his surgery

Help my best friend get his surgery

From Xeraphina X0

I'm raising money for my dog Bentley to get a surgery. Please read the more info section to fully understand what's going on. Thank you for reading this & helping in any way you can.

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More Info

Hi, my name is Xeraphina & this little handsome man is my son, Bentley. I'm trying to raise money so if Bentley needs a surgery (praying he doesn't) we have the funds to do so. 

Bentley ate a tampon on 12/28/19. I waited until I could get the money together & see if it would pass through him until 1/4/2020. I now realize after talking to his vet that this is not something I can mess around with at all. I will never do this again because Bentley is so precious to me. I called his vet & they quoted me around $650 for just blood work & X-rays. My friends & stream (I stream on Twitch for a living) were able to raise that money for Bentley. However, the issue is that StreamElements (the company I do my donations through) takes about a week to get to me. The people's banks need to approve StreamElements then my bank must approve StreamElements. 

I had $204 available for Bentley’s appointment. Once I got in there, they showed that he ate something, he is clogged up, & there's an air bubble in his intestine. The doctor said that he would need Barium, an enema, & more X-rays which were quoted to be about $950. The office was more than kind enough to work with me & just do the initial X-ray & enema for him which cost $301.57. So right now, I only owe $97.57 which will be covered by the Twitch money. 

It looked to me from the X-ray, that Bentley might not be able to push it out. Bentley only weighs about 16-17 pounds so he's a small dog. This Fundly is for if he needs any other testing done or, god forbid, a surgery.

Please, DO NOT donate if you can't afford to. Just sharing this & or keeping us in your thoughts, prayers…anything is more than enough. I don't want someone to have their phone turned off or not be able to eat for a week to help us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this or help us in any way, shape, or form.

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