House Fire at My Dear Friend (who has passed) Mother's Home

House Fire at My Dear Friend (who has passed) Mother's Home

From Amanda Ventura

Trying to keep her pets warm during the winter storm, Ms Linda Dauzat lost everything except her 2 dogs (thankfully). Ms Linda lost her trailer, her Red Bird Collection from her son, her Cat, Birds and her Fish.

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I am requesting help on behalf of my friend Chris Dauzat Sr. who has passed to help his Mother.  Chris whom I met 13 years ago, was as genuine and kind as they come. Chris would do anything for anyone and never expected anything in returned. As a mechanic by trade he was quick to fix any problems anyone had and wouldn't charge you if you were in a bind and needed help. Being Linda's 1st surviving child, they had a very close bond and even into adulthood Chris maintained a room in his Mother's home.  He stayed there often so he could help support her so she wasn't on her own.  The two of them made a great team often doing things out of kindness like dressing up as Santa and going around to friends and family houses bearing gifts and delighting their children. Chris was always thinking of his mother and would bring her a gift home almost daily. He would often buy her something with her favorite collectible, a red bird. This had become such a tradition, that he literally bought anything and everything he could find with a red bird. Ms. Linda's home soon became filled with a beautiful and extensive collection of red birds that mostly were furnished by Chris.  Unfortunately in November of 2019 Chris suddenly and unexpectedly died of a pulmonary embolism, and so did the Santa excursions and daily gifts of red birds.  As we all were saddened by his loss, Ms. Linda was most devastated as she had lost; not only another child; but also her best friend, her roommate, her emotional support, her biggest fan... in other words her everything.   Her only comfort was her collection of red birds.  She said, "Everywhere I look, I'm reminded of Chris.".  I know I too will forever be reminded of Chris and his Mother anytime I see a red bird so when I found this ornament of a red bird on a tree that read, "I'm always with you.", I knew I had to get it for her last Christmas.  Ms. Linda had just finished cleaning Chris' room when it was delivered to her  home and she was delighted!  There are just not enough nice things that I can say about this family.  I remember Chris was so proud of his Mom and couldn't wait to introduce her to his friends. I remember asking him "Is she nice?", and he said, "Of course she is! She's my mom!"   I instantly felt a connection with Ms. Linda because of our mutual love for animals, namely dogs for myself; But Ms. Linda loved all of gods creatures and would often have several pets at a time.  There would always be a bird, cat or dog that she had rescued and she would be rehabilitating in hopes of finding good home.  Unfortunately as such, Ms. Linda was so concerned for her pets wellbeing and comfort that during the recent winter storm, she had left a personal space heater running in her trailer to keep it warm.  The heater caused a house fire that engulfed her trailer house and claimed the life's of her Cat, her Birds and her Fish.  She lost her trailer and everything in it however thankfully by the grace of god, herself and her 2 dogs are safe and were unharmed.  Most of her material possessions can never be replaced because they held memories of her late children.  Ms. Linda is no stranger to tragedy and grief as she lost not only my good friend Chris, but also 3 other children.  Two as infants due to complications and another adult son, that I never had the pleasure of meeting, as a result of a cardiac arrest at the young age of 33.   No amount of money can ever compensate her for the loss she has endured she still must move on.   Ms. Linda is on a fixed retirement income and relied heavily on Chris to supplement her bills so when he passed the house insurance policy lapsed and was never renewed.  As a result Ms. Linda desperately needs the help from this fundraiser in order to replace her home and to help provide her with the bare necessities.  Any money raised will help fund the expense to clear her old trailer and the wreckage off of her lot; to secure or purchase another trailer in good repair or livable condition, including the cost to have it transported onto her lot and levelled and to connect utilities.  As well as replace the contents such as furniture, clothes, personal items, linens and miscellaneous household items to name a few.  Please help me help Ms. Linda Dauzat rebuild her life and move on in memory of her son and my Dear Friend Chris Dauzat Sr.  Any contribution no matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated.  Please share to help us reach our goal.  

Thank You,

Please note:  As the originator of this request my zip code was used as the location for this fundraiser.  I live in Fordoche Louisiana which is approximately a 2.5 hour drive from where the House Fire occurred on Mconnell Drive in Pineville Louisiana where Ms. Linda Dauzat the beneficiary for this Fundraiser resides.   

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