help momo stay in the US

help momo stay in the US

From Monica Agra

my roommate terminated our lease in the middle of a pandemic and im a international student so i can't get a place on my own with my SSN - its new. if i can't find a place i will have to go back to brazil. its urgent.

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okay so, it’s a little long but I will try to make it short.

first of all I just want you to know that I’m here asking you help because i believe in people kindness. and i came to learn that I am not alone and asking for help is not weakness. 

and I need you to know that if I wasn’t completely helpless and with no clue in what to do I would never ask this, but I’m trying everything I can

so, I live with a girl - Savannah. and she was my best friend when we decided to move in together. we even got a cat together. like sisters. her family owns Westfield malls in San Diego and basically she is the rich kid that doesn’t need to work and didn’t have a lot of parent attention growing up. so it led to me finding after we moved in that she used substances and stuff like this. which is not fine but i wasn’t judgmental of it. i just asked her not to do it in the house because it could let up to complications to me since i am international. after that i got a job at marketing - which now its stopped - and she started to be like “i thought us moving in together would mean me and you drinking and being up until 4am”, but we continued just fine. 

she has really self destructive patterns and craves male attention and its really reckless over a lot of things which to be was starting to be a real problem. then she got a job and became friends with a kid named nicholas and things shifted a little because she was getting from him all the attention she so much craved. 

my birthday was on march 16th the day of the official lockdown. so she decided the next day to go to Idaho with nicholas but something was telling me not to go. she left here saying that we were family and she had my back and if i needed anything i could call her or go to Idaho too. i kept updating her of the cat and everything else and she just started to ignore me or not care. until last Friday where she sent and email to the leasing office terminating our lease on may 12th. in the middle of this pandemic. her grandmother is our guarantor. this is how we got this apartment. 

then she begins to send me really rude and selfish and saying that she paid this months rent. but she never asked me if I had the money or if we were going to tell the leasing office that we would take the 90 day period that the government stated. i don’t know what to do. i need to get out of here but I don’t have anywhere else to go.  I can’t use my social because it’s new - i am an international student who poured all her life savings to study here and be able to legally work in the US. so I don’t have credit enough a new apartment wouldn’t accept. And I’m not receiving paid checks, so the last three that they would need it wouldn’t make it possible for me to get a place either. I don’t know if you would trust me enough to help me or if you even could. I just don’t really know what to do. I have no one in here and the only person i had, did that. I can’t go back to brazil because everything is closed. and i can’t stay in this place. i found a couple of places to stay but they all ask the same thing and I’m starting to get desperate. my parents can’t help me because the currency in brazil is extremely high and they both with paused jobs. plus i haven’t told them — i can’t worry them again from the other side of the word with this pandemic going on. 

trust me I know its a lot to ask and i come to you completely humbled and giving you my word that after all of this passes i will work 10x harder to give back somehow. but everything i have right now is my faith and my word. i am sorry to put you in this position but i have no one else that i know that would even listen to this. 

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