Help Moki Save His Furr Baby U'i!

Help Moki Save His Furr Baby U'i!

From Brent Hino

Aloha! We would like to help my childhood friend Mokihana raise funds for his friend and furr baby girl, U'i, who needs a biopsy for a large tumor that is growing in her uterus. She now has difficulty with urination a...

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UPDATE: U'i is scheduled to have her biopsy on Monday, August 13th, 2018. We just wanted to thank all you who have shared this campaign, supported by prayer and monetary donations, and poured out so much love to Moki and his baby girl. If you are able, please keep them in your prayers for a safe procedure, good results and flawless recovery! Mahalo nui loa! God is good!

 My name is Brent, I am a childhood friend of Mokihana Malama. I've started this campaign to help raise funds for him and his best friend, U'i, a ten year old Pitbull mix. I would like to give you an overview of, my friend, Moki and his buddy U'i.

U'i and Moki have come a long way since the first time they met in Arizona while he was attending college. U'i was given to Moki by a friend when she was only 4 months old. Because U'i didn't have her initial shots, by the time Moki got her the necessary shots within the first month of having her, she was diagnosed with the Parvovirus. Moki's vet at the time was very helpful in guiding him to her road to recovery. Although the parvovirus took quite a toll on her, she never gave up and Moki did his best to make sure she could overcome the virus. U'i fought for two weeks and was eventually Parvo-free

After their first trial together with the Parvovirus, their love and relationship only grew stronger each day since. 

When she turned two, they both moved back home to Oahu. It was a big change for her but she adapted to her new home in no-time and enjoyed the outdoors like going to the beach, hiking in the mountains, and making new friends. 

When she was four, she and her partner (Moki's brother's dog) had quite a few babies...18 to be exact! She was a loving mother and took great care for each of them until they eventually went to their permanent homes. 

U'i currently lives with her daughter Lani. Every day, they hang out, play around, and enjoy each other's company until Moki comes home from work.  U'i definitely has accomplished a lot in her almost-11 years of life. 

U'i has given her entire life and love to Moki and all those around. Because of her unconditional love and light, in addition to Moki, we all would like to be able to provide her with everything that she needs to be healthy and happy again, with the best available care. As much as Moki would like to be able to cover the expenses for her procedure, the current issues as well as issues that may possibly arise from this, will simply not fit into the budget. 

The initial operation for U'i would be the biopsy procedure which is estimated to cost around $1500-$1700, that is, without any complications or additional issues in the process. The goal of this campaign will, hopefully, cover at least the biopsy for the large mass in her uterus, which means the anesthesia, the procedure to remove a portion of the mass, and sending it to the lab for the pathologist to examine if the mass is malignant (cancerous) or benign. No post-treatment cost will be covered by this fundraising goal, however, we all may, as a community and family, raise more than the goal so we can help Moki and U'i to our best ability! 

We have set the goal to $1600 because ultimately when the funds are transferred to Moki, the transaction fees would be applied and the total transferred to him will be less than what was actually donated. 

If you are able to help and feel called to do so, please know, from the bottom of all of our hearts, that we are forever grateful for your kindness, compassion, and time! If you are not able to help at this time, we would greatly appreciate if you can pray for U'i and Moki, and perhaps share this page to your community. Many hands makes light work, for sure!

As we all are avid animal lovers, we'd like them to have a longer opportunity to love each other and those around, together! 

May God bless you all, and mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian) for taking your precious time to reach out to U'i and Moki! <3

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