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From Mizuho Nagato

I am raising money to pay the tuition for my postgraduate study at University of Nottingham. I am studying Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching. Please help me make my dream come true!

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Hello everyone. I hope everyone is well during this very difficult time. My name is Mizuho. I am a Japanese girl with a big ambitious and passion towards language education.

I have been offered a place from the University of Nottingham in the UK, and I am currently seeking funding to get me to the university, (hopefully starting in the autumn 2020. ) This opportunity will allow me to complete a one-year postgraduate course in ‘Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching MA’ and further my career as an English teacher after graduation.

Applied Linguistics is an interdisciplinary field that studies and aim to offer solution to language-related problems in real life. It could be related to education, sociology, inter-cultural communication, etc. As for myself, I am planning to study the psychological factors in second language learning such as motivation, anxiety and the way to the best effective learning.

I was studying by myself about the topic, but decided to further my knowledge at postgraduate! 

I have recently completed TESOL course from US university and have been teaching English both online and offline for total 5 years. I also had been working in global hotels, including Tokyo, Canada, and New Zealand for the past few years. I had the most amazing time that enabled me to travel and work, communicating with people from all different countries, different cultures. 

Me having fun making a snowman in last snow in Canada! (2017)

Now I would like to study more about Second Language Acquisition and be a great English teacher/consultant for language learning.

So this offer is my dream-come-true, however, I am currently having a problem with paying the tuition. The tuition fee is £17,900 for one year.

Please allow me to explain why I am here. 

During my time in New Zealand, I decided to apply for the study and started working 3 jobs, tried hard to save money for the expected tuition and living costs in UK, but in last August I was involved in a bad car accident and lost around £9000, due to wreck and replacement of my car, medical, and lost time I was unable to work. After recovery, I did not want to give up and continued working until January.

I luckily came back home(Japan) in January before the COVID19, but soon after the happy time back with my family, I became ill and had to go through two surgeries which took me until the early March to recover (another £4000..;( ) 

Following that, I got a job offer straightaway for an English teaching job, but they took it down as there is significantly less demand due to COVID19 for until further notice. This situation has been making it very difficult for me, like I can feel everybody is struggling too.. and it is stabbing my heart..

For those unforeseen reasons, now I unfortunately do not have enough money to pay my tuition (as mentioned £17,900), which is due by August. I still have minimum amount for living costs in the UK but I am anxious even that will be threatened due to this unwanted unemployment..

To study at postgraduate has been my dream for long time and very excited for the opportunity and I do not want to let it go because of this setbacks. I would like any help and I would appreciate it from bottom of my heart.

If I was able to proceed with this offer, I will study and work hard, returning it to people who helped me along the way, by contributing to the world as an excellent teacher who I have been dreamed.

Thank you so much.

Best wishes,


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