Help Milo get his life-saving surgery

Help Milo get his life-saving surgery

From Angela Mahoney

I am raising money so that Milo can get a life-saving surgery to fix his liver shunt. Without the surgery, Milo's life expectancy is a short 2 years, compared to 10 years w/surgery

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Milo came into my life with a previously fractured elbow at around 7 weeks old. He was a silly, crazy puppy. I planned on keeping long enough for his elbow to heal and then find him a home of his very own. Sadly, Milo had much bigger problems than a fractured elbow. In the evenings after feeding, Milo started to become lethargic and nauseous, seeking relief by burrowing his poor face in blankets and pillows. His symptoms became even stranger. He would walk in the same circular path relentlessly for hours in a trance-like state in the evenings. He started urinating blood. His vet was perplexed  because his symptoms indicated a liver shunt but liver shunts are normally a small dog affliction. After running bloodwork and doing bile acid tests, it was determined he did, in fact, have a liver shunt. This means that due to a congenital defect, his liver is not able to properly filter toxins in his body. So eveytime Milo eats; he is poisoning himself.  He has since started a special diet and medical management to try and minimize the symptoms.  He went to a specialist, for an ultrasound to see if his shunt is operable where they discovered he is producing stones in his bladder and kidneys as a side effect of the shunt. He is a candidate for surgery and is such a good puppy. Some days are good and you wouldn't even know he is impaired. Other days are heartbreaking and spent trying to make him as comfortable as possible. Without the surgery, Milo has the life expectancy of 2-3 years. With the surgery, Milo can go on to lead a full and happy life. Please help me help Milo.

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