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Help Michael Wozniak

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Our goal is to raise these funds ASAP to ensure he is able to receive regular treatments on a routine schedule.

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Twenty nine year old Michael Wozniak lost his mom to cancer about 8 months ago. During that time of loss he was having trouble swallowing food. What appeared to be Dysphagia was months later diagnosed as some type of intestinal autoimmune disease. On January 8th he was finally diagnosed with stage 4 Signet Cell Carcinoma of the stomach, esophagus and descending colon. Chemotherapy was recommended with the caveat that this treatment did not have very reassuring prospects.

Given the advanced nature of this specific type of cancer, Michael, his brothers and dad agreed to treat Michael with Holistic Integrated medicine. Unfortunately very little of these costs are expected to be covered by his insurance carrier. We are asking for help in raising the remaining costs. Our goal is to raise these funds ASAP to ensure he is able to receive regular treatments on a routine schedule.

The Treatments we are raising funds for include the following.

Hyperbaric chamber therapy: $9,000 (40 sessions at $225 each)

Vitamin C infusion: $9,600 (4 sessions a week for 3 months at $200 each)

Nutritionist: $1,000 (retainer)

Stomach fluid drainage (paracentesis) : $2,000 (3 sessions at $750 each and insure will pay after $2,000 deductible)

Organic food delivery: $1,500 ($500 a month for 3 months delivered) 

Nutrition IV infusion treatments: $6,000 ($250 twice a week for 3 months)

Funding request: $15,000

We are continuing to pray for strength, wisdom, guidance and HEALING everyday throughout this journey. Please pray that these treatments will produce quick results and defeat this cancer so that Michael can get back to what brings him most happiness: helping and serving others. Overcoming this disease will provide a beautiful platform to testify about overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

This situation may be surprising but don’t lose heart because Michael has not. He knows that Jesus Christ is his healer and that God has a plan for good through all of this.

Thank you so much for your support, prayer and generosity. We love you all.

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