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My name is Marilyn. My husband had cancer and a bone morrow transplant. His name is Michael. Last year he started loosing his teeths due to the strong chemos. He is only 47 now but this nonending nightmare started the year he turned 40. Mouth surgeries and treatments are very expensive not much covered by my insurance. He still goes for pet scan checkups that cost us 1400.00 Every 6 months. Due to several medical sequelaes he can not do the jobs he used to. I am working 12 hrs shifts and even weekends to be able to cover everything but I feel bills are just getting out of hand my credit cards are maxing out and if I loose my credit I will loose my job. I am affraid of getting sick or not having over time at work because we will loose the house and my old parents will suffer too. Since They live with me. I feel trapped. I know I am not the only person in this situation but I feel desperate. I remain strong for my family but we do need help. I have always work hard to keep going. Everytime I think things are getting better a new bill comes up and I feel so hopeless, me, that have always been such a  positive person. Dont get me wrong I feel more than blessed he is alive and cancer free but it has been a long difficult journey. I can proof all of this I am just asking for a little help so I can keep going. I am sorry to bother you with all my problems. I did not uploaded pictures of the mouth because tjey are disturbing to see. Even if no one reads this at least I was able to get it out of my chest. I was afraid to write but my grandma always said that sometimes in life we need help and cant be afraid of asking for it because there will be someone able to help us even if we feel no body can

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