Help Me Wake Up From This Nightmare

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Help Me Wake Up From This Nightmare

From Deleted User

I apologize for the anonymity - I'm a stalking victim with Complex PTSD and Muscle Tension Dysphonia (voice disorder), unemployed, facing homelessness. Trying to maintain hope.

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My troubles began when I was laid off from my position with a large insurance company in February 2011. At that time, my diagnoses of Muscle Tension Dyphonia (leading to loss of voice) and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder were already established. I went on interview after interview after interview and any job offers fell through at the last minute. I also began to receive threats from an abusive ex-boyfriend which turned into stalking. For that reason, I am maintaining anonymity here, and I no longer have a Facebook page.

After over a year unemployed I was hired at a local company but my voice problem forced me to go on FMLA leave in October 2013. It was unpaid, so I could receive medical attention, but could not afford it. The minimal insurance the company provided meant that the voice care center (the only one in the area that treats my issue) would not work with me. I applied for protection under the Americans With Disabilities Act, and was approved by corporate, but the local HR rep did nothing to help me move into a position that allowed me to rest my voice. So I was let go in January 2014. I was not advised of this until 2 months after. I applied for unemployment in April 2014. I exhausted it two weeks ago, and I have no income.

I completed an educational program through the local one stop center for Medical Coding & Billing in May 2014 and was able to obtain my certification (CPC-A) in July 2014. I'm having a difficult time getting my foot in the door, and I'm being helped by Vocational Rehabilitation, and WIA in my search. Having no voice has made finding employment more of a challenge. The other obstacle is the Catch-22 situation of education + credential but lack of experience.

Both of my parents are dead. My sisters are married with their own families, and they are working, but struggling as well. One is helping her divorced daughter and her 2 children and the other is diabetic, working 100+ hours a week, has 2 children of her own, and a sick husband.

I'm most concerned about eviction. The kind of lease I have, I can be told to leave at any time. I rent weekly with my utilities covered in the rent. My landlord is not willing to work with me anymore after the last long bout of unemployment and it's hard enough finding work with shelter. Since 2011, I have tried every single aid agency, 211, all the referrals I can get (I and others on my behalf): I'm single and childless, so I don't qualify. Or I'm unemployed and they cannot help me (United Way agencies). I'm able to obtain meds for my PTSD through Vocational Rehabilitation - but the program does not cover or help with living expenses. I only have cell phone and internet because I've been told over and over to apply online when I've gone into employers with my resume/to fill out applications. My car is paid for, but it is an 02 and gas is at a premium. I would LOVE to spend time at the library for internet, but...gas.

Thank you very much for listening.

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