Help me to stay at home..and please be "DOWN" with "THE BEST KEPT SECRET"

Help me to stay at home..and please be "DOWN" with "THE BEST KEPT SECRET"


To be able to stay at home with my four children and ultimately adopt a baby, internationally, with Down Syndrome

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My name is Kim Marino and I am the mother of four amazing and wonderful children.  I am happily married to my childhood sweetheart...and have been blessed with health and happiness since Greg and I were married in November of 1993.  I am not sure I could ask for anything better in my have shared the now almost 20 years of marriage with my soul mate and to be lucky and blessed enough to have four amazing children.  So given all of this how is it possible that I would be having a fundraiser..for myself?  As a speech and language pathologist for 21 years now I realize that what is the most rewarding for me is giving back and helping others.  My blog: in June of 2011 has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my job as an SLP.  Helping mamas and daddys all over the them support and guidance...has been for me so incredible.  But....I want to do a full time working can be hard to keep the balance between work and family...and as much as I love my career...I love being home with my family...I love getting up with them in the morning..making them breakfast...putting them on the school bus...being home when they get off of the bus...making dinner...and shuffling them around to all of their extra-curricular activities.  However...and to be honest...being on the other side of my many Americans....makes work a big must.  There is nothing I would like better in the world...than to be at home with my children...or at the very least work less.  So along with my desire to be at home with my children...I want to do more...I want to give it forward... for the "best kept secret" part of my ultimate goal is to internationally adopt a child with Down Syndrome...since we were first married...I have had a yearning....a feeling..a desire...a calling..(one that I have shared with only a few people)...that during this journey in my marriage and in my family...adopting a child with Down Syndrome would be part of my path..well our path. And all along the way there have been signs...feelings.and more signs..most significantly the energy I feel between myself and the  mamas of children with Down Syndrome...and of course the children. a full time working mother...and as a speech and language pathologist...knowing the needs of a child with DS...I need to be home more...I need to be here...for her...  Another important reason for this fundraiser...the cost in total for the adoption is close to 40,000 this fundraiser also would help to cover the costs of the adoption.  I encourage you to go to the following website to collect more information regarding adopting a child with Down Syndrome:  I am hoping that my journey in this lifetime will help me to bring home a little girl..under the age of two with Down have a positive impact on her help her to grow and develop...and to surround her with the love we have here in the Marino house..........Kim Marino

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