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So, most of u I know that are open-minded people so I kindly ask for help! I know it's not the proper way and place but desperate moment calls for desperate measures. I'm 21 years and I'm kinda broke. I do have a job contract but we need employees to start the restaurant. Living in Bulgaria where the salary is kinda nothing depends on where u are working. At the moment my bank account is at zero. People can prob say that we all can say that, but if some1 wants proof just contact me :) In the last few days rly strange things started to happen to me. And I realize that I'm like cat magnet. At the photo, u will see 3 cats. The fast story is like that. I came to a new town with my only 2 cats. They are nearly 1 year old. I've found them on the street and I decided to keep them. After a few months, they got pregnant. The first mother had no luck and her babies died. I went to the vet and make a castration. A day after a kittie arrived in my garage(White-Black one). Days after that the second mom gave birth to a 6 new kitties. 2 of them died. And now she is carrying 4 little ones. A week or so past and after a storm(that was yesterday), I heard a small cat crying from my backyard. It was near me. I went looking for it and i found a second kittie(pure black one). Today I went to my backyard to talk on the phone and just in front of me came the tiger one. I know that most of you can tell me send them to a shelter but u know that most of the shelters will lock them in a cage and they will live in it until some1 come and take them. I have total of 9 cats and its kinda hard to take look after them with my income of 200dollars/m. So if some1 can help ill be glad. My PayPal is: I have a dream to own my own shelter where the animals won't be locked in a cage and I'm kinda trying to do it. Ill be posting upgrades what is happening with the small ones. Thanks in advance!!! 

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