Help me to buy a new laptop for my education

Help me to buy a new laptop for my education

From Naveen Reddi

I am 3rs year CS student, I am having core i3 1st generation really old laptop. I have to study on latest( android studio, CUDA....) projects with laptop I cant do it I don't have a way l. Please help me if you can :)

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I am 3rd year Computer science student. I am have old Lenovo ThinkPad edge core i3 1st gen, 2gb ram , 250gb hard disk 14 inch laptop. I managed 3 years with this laptop. My parent don't have money to buy a new laptop for me also I am try some freelancing works I made some money( around $300) also but those money spend on foods and other stuffs. Because I cant always ask for money from my parents. 

In 3rd year we have to study on android studio, parallel computing with CUDA and also some project with java and .net. at least for those I need to have a core i5, 8gb ram, 500 GB hard disk and for CUDA programming nvidia GPU(nvidia mobile graphics). because this days we have online lectures i ant ask for my colleagues laptops. because they also not in near places and we are at home. Please help me to buy a new or second hand laptop at least. Thank you :)

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